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Board Actions - 1991

Stephen O. Dell, M.D. License #6611
6/6/90 - Consent Order. Based on allegations of unprofessional conduct in misrepresenting educational credentials and making false statements on medical records, the Licensee was reprimanded and agreed not to renew his license until he had completed continuing education in medical ethics and made written acknowledgements of his false statements to the affected parties.
6/30/91 - License lapsed.
(Also see action in 1994)

Robert W. Ferrell, Jr., M.D.
3/20/91 - Application for Licensure Denied based on disciplinary action in Massachusetts for unprofessional conduct with a female psychiatric patient.
(Also see action in 1992)

Michael Robert Zales, M.D. License #7639
1/10/91 - Show Cause Order. Pre-hearing scheduled for 2/6/91. Dr. Zales allowed his New Hampshire license to lapse during pending investigation - 7/17/91.

N. John Fontana, M.D. License #3619
4/20/91 - License Suspension Order. License suspended for 5 years with the opportunity to seek reinstatement after 1 years if the licensee's criminal sentence is completed at that time.
11/13/91 - Order vacated upon receipt of request for hearing.
11/26/91 - License surrendered pending disciplinary action.

George E. Griffin, M.D. License #4838
5/23/91 - Settlement Agreement. License suspended for 5 years based on allegations of inappropriate prescribing of schedule II narcotics. Entire suspension stayed pending compliance with license restrictions including surrender of DEA license and passage of examination on controlled drug laws.
(Also see action in 1994)

Steven S. Remington, M.D. AKA: Steven S. Gleckler, M.D. License #6698
5/4/88 - Consent Order. On allegations of unprofessional conduct, the Board commenced an investigation which resulted in an offer of settlement which was approved by the Board. The licensee was reprimanded and his license was restricted for 3 years to require that a female receptionist be physically present in the reception area whenever female patients are treated, that records be maintained of all treatment and that another physician supervise the practice of the Respondent.
7/2/91 - Order Removing License Restrictions.

Charles M. Culver, M.D. License #6105
12/23/91 - Consent Order. Voluntary surrender of license pending disciplinary action and agreement never to seek licensure in any other state without providing full details of the misconduct in this case.

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