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Board Actions - 1990

William G. Conrad, M.D. License #5030
1/5/90 - Consent Order. Based on allegations of practicing while impaired by controlled substances, the physician agreed not to seek to reapply to or practice in New Hampshire until he completes successfully his probationary term in Illinois.

David C. Whitenack, M.D. License #4676
On 2/5/88, The Board issued a Decision that found no unprofessional conduct on the part of Dr. Whitenack. The Complainant appealed the Board's decision and on 10/6/89 the Supreme Court overturned and remanded the Decision back to the Board for further hearings to remedy procedural errors.
2/8/90 - Consent Decree. The Board entered into a Consent Decree with the Respondent which again found no unprofessional conduct, but imposed a restriction for a 2 year period of psychiatric counseling and 12 ½ hours of continuing education in the area of counter transference.

Constantine-Ignatius Kostas, M.D. License #7845 Issued: 5/4/88
5/1/90 - Decision and Order. Reprimand based on 2 felony convictions and disciplinary action in Massachusetts for submission of falsified clinical research and mail fraud.

Stephen O. Dell, M.D. License #6611
6/6/90 - Consent Order. Based on allegations of unprofessional conduct in misrepresenting educational credentials and making false statements on medical records, the Licensee was reprimanded and agreed not to renew his license until he had completed continuing education in medical ethics and made written acknowledgements of his false statements to the affected parties.
(Also see action in 1991)

Demetrios Krinos, M.D. License #4664
11/13/90- Decision and Order. Based on allegations of inappropriate prescribing, the license was suspended for five years. The final four years of suspension were stayed pending compliance with license restrictions, including the prohibition from applying for a DEA license, successful completion of an examination on the controlled substances laws of the state and successful participation in a substance abuse treatment program.
(Also see action in 1992)

David A. Stead, M.D. License #7507
5/17/90 - Decision and Order. License suspended for 90 days based on allegations of illegal prescribing and impairment by controlled substances.
7/26/90 - Hearing Order. Board ordered Dr. Stead to appear before the Board on 8/8/90.
8/31/90 - Further Decision and Order. Licensee reprimanded and restrictions placed on license including requirements for the use of triplicate prescriptions, participation in a substance abuse treatment program and psychiatric treatment.
(Also see action in 1993)

Donald O. Lacey, M.D. License #5280
5/17/90 - Decision and Order. Based on felony conviction in Vermont District Court in Windsor County, the license was restricted to require participation in a sexual offender treatment program and to prohibit the treatment of any patient under the age of 18.
8/8/90 - Amendment to Disciplinary Order to allow the delivery of newborns and newborn care only in a hospital setting.

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