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About the Board
Board Actions - 1988

David C. Whitenack, M.D. License #4676
On 2/5/88, The Board issued a Decision that found no unprofessional conduct on the part of Dr. Whitenack. The Complainant appealed the Board's decision and on 10/6/89 the Supreme Court overturned and remanded the Decision back to the Board for further hearings to remedy procedural errors.
(Also see action in 1990)

Steven S. Remington, M.D. AKA: Steven S. Gleckler, M.D. License #6698
5/4/88 - Consent Order. On allegations of unprofessional conduct, the Board commenced an investigation which resulted in an offer of settlement which was approved by the Board. The licensee was reprimanded and his license was restricted for 3 years to require that a female receptionist be physically present in the reception area whenever female patients are treated, that records be maintained of all treatment and that another physician supervise the practice of the Respondent.
(Also see action in 1991)

Mohammad Anwaruddin, M.D. License #4687
5/11/88 - Consent Order. License surrendered in lieu of disciplinary action by the Board based on allegations of inappropriate prescribing.

John Wang, M.D. License #6767
7/20/88 - Suspension of M.D. license - Emergency suspension based on revocation of license Massachusetts. 7/27/88 - Hillsborough Superior Court - Temporary Injunction issued which restrained the board from enforcing its emergency suspension. <
(Also see action in 1992)

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