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Mission Statement

To protect the public from the unprofessional, incompetent, or impaired practice of medicine.

The Board of Medicine issues licenses to qualified Allopathic and Osteopathic physicians and physician assistants based on nationally recognized credentialing standards. The Board regulates the minimum standards for professional conduct and continued competence and takes disciplinary action against licensees who fail to meet these standards.

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Announcements and Notices
Naloxone Prescribing
September 25, 2015
The State of New Hampshire recently passed important legislation to prevent overdose related deaths. This law allows providers to engage in third party prescribing of opioid antagonists. Read the full text of the prescribing legislation. Adobe Acrobate Read Governor Hassan’s press release. The Board approved a Statement on Naloxone prescribing. Adobe Acrobate The NH Board of Medicine, in conjunction with the Department of Justice, is providing licensees with a sample Naloxone Standing Order form.Adobe Acrobate Individual licensees may wish to consult with their own legal counsel or risk management prior to issuing a standard order.
New Administrative Rules
The Board’s new administrative rules went into effect on 7/8/15. Licensees should be aware that pursuant to these rules, the Board has the authority to discipline any licensee who has not registered with the NH Prescription Drug Monitoring by 7/31/15. Any licensee who prescribes a controlled drug without registering by 7/31/15 will also be subject to discipline.

Pursuant to RSA 329:17, VII, the Board may impose any of the following sanctions:

• Reprimand
• Suspension, limitation, or restriction of a license or probation for a period of time as determined reasonable by the board.
• Revocation of license.
• Requiring the person to submit to the care, treatment, or observation of a physician, counseling service, health care facility, professional assistance program, or any combination thereof which is acceptable to the board.
• Requiring the person to participate in a program of continuing medical education in the area or areas in which the person has been found deficient.
• Requiring the person to practice under the direction of a physician in a public institution, public or private health care program, or private practice for a period of time specified by the board.
• Assessing administrative fines in amounts established by the board which shall not exceed $3,000 per offense, or, in the case of continuing offenses, $300 for each day that the violation continues, whichever is greater.

Therapeutic Use of Cannabis Policy
The Board, at its November 6, 2014 meeting, adopted a Policy on the Therapeutic Use of Cannabis. Microsoft Word
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Health Advisory
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are alerting healthcare providers and facilities about the public health need to properly maintain, clean, and disinfect or sterilize reusable medical devices. Please review the CDC Advisory.

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