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Based on 12 Months Sales as of NOVEMBER 1, 2015

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1 14006Apothic Winemakers Red Blend750mL
2 6570Kendall Jackson Chard Vt RSV750mL
3 44037Barefoot Pnt Grigio Cal 750mL
4 44038Barefoot Pnt Grigio Cal 1.5L
5 10420Barefoot Moscato Cal 750mL
6 17888Trader Joe's Cab Svgn 720 Bt750mL
7 31488Barefoot Chard Cal 750mL
8 46664Oak Leaf Pnt Grigio Cal 750mL
9 31489Barefoot Chard Cal 1.5L
10 46663Oak Leaf Merlot Cal 750mL
11 10421Barefoot Moscato Cal 1.5L
12 7715Andre Extra Dry 750mL
13 6937Cavit Pinot Grigio 1.5L
14 8421Beringer Classic Wh Znfdl 750mL
15 6857Sutter Home Wh Znfdl 1.5L
16 46662Oak Leaf Chard Cal 750mL
17 46661Oak Leaf Cab Svgn Cal 750mL
18 6682R M Woodbridge Chard Cal 1.5L
19 6876Sutter Home Clsc Chard 187mL 4 Pk
20 31493Barefoot Merlot Cal 750mL
21 33149Alamos Ridge Malbec Mendoza 750mL
22 41170Vendange Chard 500mL
23 17887Trader Joe's Chard 720 Btls 750mL
24 32988Barefoot Cab Svgn Cal 750mL
25 19848Carnivor Cab Svgn 750mL
26 17889Trader Joe's Merlot 720 Btls750mL
27 10727Starborough Svgn Bl Marlboro750mL
28 8746Cavit Pinot Grigio 750mL
29 12123Barefoot Cellars Rsl 750mL
30 31465Franzia Tap Chard 5L
31 41171Vendange Pnt Grigio Cal 500mL
32 18738Oak Leaf Moscato 750mL
33 27461Ecco Domani Pnt Grigio Venez750mL
34 10411Oak Leaf Wh Znfdl Cal 750mL
35 41251Beringer Classic Pnt Grigio 750mL
36 17893Trader Joe's Pnt Gr 720 Plt 750mL
37 6960Cooks Brut 750mL
38 6256Sutter Home Chard 1.5L
39 6264Cooks Extra Dry 750mL
40 12747Barefoot Cellars Pnt Nr 750mL
41 13491Barefoot Cellars Rsl 1.5L
42 7716Andre Brut 750mL
43 15393Cupcake Pnt Grigio 750mL
44 18107Barefoot Cellars Pink Moscat750mL
45 38546Mark West Pnt Nr Sonoma 750mL
46 35411Yellow Tail Chard Ausl 750mL
47 6938Vendange Chard 1.5L
48 32989Barefoot Cab Svgn Cal 1.5L
49 31494Barefoot Merlot Cal 1.5L
50 36874Yellow Tail Merlot Ausl 750mL

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