New Hampshire Real Estate Appraiser Board


If you believe that an appraiser has acted unethically or in violation of the rules and statues of the State of New Hampshire, you are encouraged to file a formal complaint with the Board.

You must prepare and sign the complaint form that can be found on our
 FORMS PAGE Anonymous submissions will not be accepted.

On the form you will be asked to explain and support the specific grounds for the alleged misconduct. Please be as specific as possible. For example, a frequent complaint from homeowners is that the appraised value was too low. This alone is insufficient grounds for an investigation. Please tell us why you think it is too low, such as by pointing out errors the appraiser made, or by alerting us to comparable sales that you know about, but that the appraiser missed.

If possible, please provide a complete copy of the appraisal.

2015 Enforcement Actions

Joseph Coakley Case No. 15.01 Decision and Order


2013 Enforcement Actions

Davin Hoyt Case No. 12.17 Settlement Agreement

2012 Enforcement Actions

James Cassell Case No. 10.30
Peter Callioras
Case No. 11.15
Michael Cocco
Case No. 11.20/11.23

*Enforcement actions will be posted for a limited period of time. For copies of enforcement actions no longer posted please contact the Board office.