Fee Schedule


Application Fees:
Application Fee  75.00
Professional Engineer
Individual - Exam 150.00
Individual - Reciprocity 250.00
Temporary Permit 300.00
Examination Fees:
Professional Engineer 310.00
Vertical Forces Component - Structural 500.00
Lateral Forces Component - Structural 500.00
Individual Renewal Fees
Professional Engineer (biennial) 150.00
Retired Status Fee  30.00
Penalty Late Fees (per month)  30.00
Business Registration Fees
Certificate of Authorization  
(Initial application) 100.00
Renewal (annual) 100.00
Publications/Miscellaneous Fees  
Certificate of Licensure (PE Seal)  50.00
Roster  20.00
Replacement of wall certificate  50.00
Copying (per page)    .25
Verification of Examination/Licensure/Certification  25.00

Refund Policy:

All fees for licenses, renewals, certificates and examinations are nonrefundable, nontransferable and payable in advance.

Updated 11/1/13



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