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Principles and Practices of Engineering
Exam Schedule

YEAR PE, SE Vertical FE*,  SE Lateral
2016 Apr 15, Oct 28
Apr 16, Oct 29
2017 Apr 21, Oct 27
Apr 22, Oct 28
2018 Apr 13, Oct 26
Apr 14, Oct 27
2019 Apr 5, Oct 25
Apr 6, Oct 26
2020 Apr 17, Oct 23
Apr 18, Oct 24
2021 Apr 23, Oct 22
Apr 24, Oct 23
2022 Apr 22, Oct 21
Apr 23, Oct 22
*The FE exams will be given via computer-based testing beginning in 2014.

Follow this link to learn more about computer based testing.

NCEES CANDIDATE REGISTRATION GUIDE -  Review this guide to learn more about the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam and Computer Based Testing.

Apply for the EIT Exam Here

Calculator Policy

Only the following calculator models
are allowed in the exam room


All fx-115 models. Any Casio calculator must contain fx-115 in its model name.

Hewlett Packard:

The HP 33s and HP 35s models, but no others.

Texas Instruments:

All TI-30X and TI-36X models. Any Texas Instruments calculator must contain either TI-30X or TI-36X in its model name.


Principles and Practices of Engineering
2016 Exam Deadlines

*Deadlines for submission of completed applications (which includes references and all supporting documentation) to the Board for the Professional Engineer Examination are as follows:

January  1st - April PE Examination
February 1st - April PE Re-examination
July 1st - October PE Examination
August 1st - October Re-examination
*Deadlines are subject to change due to early exam dates.
For more information about the engineering and land surveying exams, contact: 
The National Council of Examiners for Engineering andSurveying (NCEES) www.ncees.org

Exam fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable.


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