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Adopt ENG 403 to read as follows:
Adopted Rules 4/18/97, readopted 10/19/04 & 1/1/12


             Eng 403.01      Renewal Requirements

          (a)        A renewal application shall not be accepted for filing unless the licensee indicates on the renewal application, and under penalty of unsworn falsification, that he/she has completed the minimum required hours of approved professional development hours required by 403.01(b) and lists the specific basis for each credit.

          (b)       Each licensee shall obtain at least 30 professional development hours of approved continuing education courses during the biennial renewal period as a condition of license renewal.

         (c)        If a licensee exceeds the requirement, a maximum of 15 professional  development hours may be carried forward into the subsequent renewal period.

            Eng 403.02      Continuing Professional Development Requirements for New Licensees    New licensees shall be exempt from obtaining professional development hours for their first biennial renewal period.

            Eng 403.03      Requirements for Reciprocity    Licensees who are residents of jurisdictions other than New Hampshire shall meet the continuing professional development or equivalent requirements of their resident jurisdiction. The requirements for the State of New Hampshire shall be satisfied when a non-resident licensee provides evidence of having met the requirements of their resident jurisdiction. If licensees reside in a jurisdiction that has no continuing professional development requirements, the resident shall meet the requirements of the State of New Hampshire.

            Eng  403.04     Reinstatement.   An applicant may bring an inactive license to active status by obtaining the professional development hours required pursuant to Eng 403.01 (b and payment of any and all outstanding renewal and reinstatement fees as specified in Eng 302.04.

            Eng  403.05     Professional Development Hour Requirements. Professional development hours shall meet the following criteria:

          (a)        Continuing education activities shall be relevant to the practice of engineering or no credit shall be awarded. Such continuing education activities may include technical, ethical, or managerial content;

         (b)       The content of each presentation shall be well organized and presented in a sequential manner; and

         (c)        There is a provision for individual participant course/program registration including information required for record keeping and reporting.       

            Eng 403.06      Professional Development Hour Credits   Professional development hours shall be credited as follows:

        (a)        A maximum of 6 professional development hours shall apply to activity on a state or national board of licensure;

        (b)       Courses/programs awarded one college semester hour of credit shall equal 45 professional development hours based on course credit established by the college or university;

         (c)        Courses/programs awarded one college quarter hour shall equal 30 professional development hours;

        (d)       Courses/programs awarded one continuing education unit shall equal 10 professional development hours;

         (e)        Credit shall be awarded for one hour of professional development in course work, seminars, or professional technical presentations made at meetings, conventions, or conferences for each hour of attendance. Attendance at qualifying programs presented at professional and/or technical society meetings shall earn professional development hour units for the actual time of each program;

         (f)        Teaching or instructing qualifying courses or seminars or making presentations at technical meetings shall earn professional development hours credit at twice that of participants. Teaching credit shall be valid for teaching a course or seminar for the first time only. Teaching credit shall not apply to full-time faculty;

        (g)       Each published article for a trade journal shall equal 2 professional development hours;

        (h)       Each published professional journal, article or published engineering text book shall equal 30 professional development hours;

        (i)        Active participation in professional or technical societies shall equal 2 professional development hours and shall require that a registrant serve as an officer and/or actively participate in a committee of the organization. Professional development hour credits shall not be earned until each year service is completed and shall be limited to 2 professional development hours per organization;

        (j)        Credit awarded for one patent shall equal 10 professional development hours; and

        (k)       Professional development credits shall not be recognized for any repeat program attended or completed.

            Eng  403.07     Record Keeping.  

         (a)        The responsibility of maintaining records to be used to support credits claimed shall be the responsibility of the licensee.

        (b)       Records required shall contain at least the following documentation:

                      (1)       A log showing the type of activity claimed, sponsoring organization, location, instructorís or speakerís name, and professional development hours credits earned; and

                      (2)       Attendance verification records in the form of completion                                                      certificates or other documents supporting evidence of attendance such as:  

                                                (a)        Signed attendance receipts;

                                                (b)       Paid receipts and course agenda; or

                                                (c)        A copy of a listing of attendees signed by a person sponsoring the course
                                                or program or the course/programprovider.

       (c)        The licensee shall retain attendance verification records for a period of at least 4 years. Such documentation shall be made available to the board for random audit and/or verification purposes. Documentation shall support professional development hours claimed. Failure to provide documentation for audit verification shall result in disciplinary action.

          (d)       Not less than 3% of the licensees shall be randomly selected each year by the board for compliance with Eng. 403.01.

*The Joint Board makes no warranty, express or implied, as to whether this document is correct,
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