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RSA 319-C:6-c Continuing Education, NFPA 70 Changes. The board shall adopt rules relative to continuing education applicable to all licensees for training and compliance with the latest published edition of the NFPA 70, National Electrical Code, as published by the National Fire Protection Association. Each licensee shall show proof of completion of continuing education requirements adopted under this section within 12 months from the January 1 following the publication date of the latest version of the NFPA 70. Proof of completion shall be furnished to the board by the continuing education provider. [effective January 1, 2014]


All master and journeyman licenses without verification of the 2014 NEC by January 1, 2015 will be INVALID until proof of the course is received.  INVALID licenses will be treated the same as a LAPSED license and subject to the applicable laws for performing electrical installations without being licensed.


Providers will be added to this list as they are approved for the 2014 NEC by the Board.  As of 4/15/2016 they are:

Joe Falcone [All Star Training Inc] (internet course) ] http://www.AllstarCE.com/


Claude Allard [TENET] (live and correspondence courses) http://tenet-ed.com/


John Bagni (978)-808-9693
William J. Ball [Spectrum Code Seminars] (508)-642-4601

Frank Barker


William Benard (603)-528-1816
Don Berry [IBEW 567 PORTLAND JATC] (207)-786-9770

Richard Boudreau


Richard Broderick, Jr. (617)-212-7370

David Burtt [Jade Learning Inc] (internet course) www.jadelearning.com


Richard Cannavino


Charles Clemens [My Electrical CEU.com] (internet course) www.myelectricalceu.com (509)-981-5957

Paul Cormier [Worcester School]


Charles DeAngelis [P&D Seminars] Live & Correspondence (207)-784-8262

Robert DeLucia


Robert DeVincentis


John DiBiase [IBEW LU 99] (401)-946-9908

Henri Dionne


Tom Dorsey [ http://www.athomeprep.com/] (internet course) (800)-952-0910
Dennis Downer (802)-399-7359
Dan Dudley [Dan Dudley & Associates] (800)-718-2717

Robert Duval


Kenneth Ferreira


John E. Foster (603)-445-5610
George Fournier (413)-586-2434
Richard A. Fredette (508)-765-5637
Michael Gervais [Electrical Controls of Maine] (207)-590-0770
Frederic Hartwell (413)-256-6232
Ronald Hennessey (978)-774-6325
Palmer Hickman [Blue Volt] online http://go.BlueVolt.com (503)-223-2583
Mark Hilbert [MR Hilbert] (603)-569-5672
Mike Holt (internet course) (888)-632-2633
Michael P. Jennette (508)-380-7134

Les Jones


Fred Kelley (603)-548-2382

Charles Kennedy [Manchester Community Technical College]


Paul Kennedy


Richard Kirby (508)-224-3902
William Laidler (781)-878-6242
Noel Lamothe (774)-230-1628
Michael A. Leary (413)-592-7573
Russell LeBlanc [LeBlanc Consulting Services] (617)-257-5318
Billy Martin (978)-281-5142
Leo Martin [Martin Electrical School] (781)-769-2376
Francisco Martins [The Peterson School] (781)-320-3292

James Maxfield


Brian McDougal [Northern Maine Community College] (207)-768-2768

Robert McGann [Woburn Electrical School]


Jeffrey McGrath Sr   


Leo Miller, Jr. [IBEW local 96] (508)-753-8635
Jonathan Mitchell [IBEW local 490] (603)-226-3964
John Narcizo, Jr. (508)-802-0787
James O’Connell [IBEW local 103 Greater Boston JATC] (617)-506-5110

Peter Olney   


Philip Ostrow [Ostrow Electric Co. Inc] (508)-754-2641

Patrick Ouillette (Live and Correspondence)


Louie Owens, Sr. (413)-533-1562

Steven Owen [National Code Seminars]


Joseph Penachio


Michael Pillarella


Chuck Price  [At  Your Pace Online LLC] (internet course) http://www.tradesmance.com/ (877)-724-6150
Leo Remillard (508)-883-8938

Francis Reno, Jr


Robert Revil [IBEW local 223] (508)-818-0627
Thomas Ritchie, Jr. (781)-662-5723
Douglas Sanford (978)-423-4493
Jeffrey Sargent [Great Bay Community College] (603)-926-2089
Donald Tatro Jr. [McCann Technical School] (413)-663-5383 x 101
Thomas Tombarello [Tombarello & Ross Seminars] (978)-476-4911

Alfio Torrisi


Alfio Torrisi [NH School of Mechanical Trades]


Wayne Treamer


Christopher Tremblay [TECU Seminars]


Kenneth Vallery [KSV Electrical Seminars] (603)-631-5077

 Shelley (Mary) Warren  [Vermont Construction Code Educators]


 Peter Wilson


Christos Xerras (978)-886-2297
Providers will be added to this list as their requests are approved.
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