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Renewal Information

arrowElectricians with birthmonths of February, May, August and November will be renewing in the calendar year 2015. Electricians with birthmonths of January, April, July and October will be renewing in the calendar year 2013. Electricians with birthmonths of March, June, September and December will be renewing in the calendar year 2014.

arrowMaster and Journeyman Electricians must complete a 15 hour update course on the 2011 National Electrical Code before renewing. Your provider must be approved by the NH Electricians’ Board. Providers will be submitting attendees names electronically. We cannot renew your license until this has been received.

arrowApprentices and High Medium Voltage Trainees renew yearly.

arrowApprentices renew a year from the issue date on the last day of the month and are required to have electrical schooling each year to renew.

arrowTrainees renew on the last day of their birthmonth.

Please contact the Board office for further information.

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