Updated 10/20/15

Arrow When do I have to begin to accumulate continuing education credits?

You must begin to accumulate continuing education credits starting with your first biennial renewal period.

Arrow When do I have to report continuing education credits?

Licensees must attest that they have complied with the Board's continuing education rules when renewing their license. 

Arrow How long do I have to retain attendance verification records?

Records must be retained for 4 years pursuant to administrative rule Arch 403.04 (c).

Arrow How do I report my Continuing Education Hours to the Board?

Upon renewal, licensees will attest to compliance with the continuing education requirements of Arch 403.

 Arrow How many hours in Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) and Sustainable Design (SD) are required?

Eight hours per year are required in Health Safety and Welfare
Four hours per year are required in sustainable design.

Arrow Are carry over credits allowed?  

If you exceed the 24 continuing education units required in any biennial period up to 12 CEU's may be carried forward into the subsequent renewal period.

Arrow When was the first audit of compliance with continuing education requirements be conducted?

The first audit was conducted in May 2013. Audits will be conducted on an annual basis thereafter.

Arrow How are audits conducted?

Licensees randomly chosen for the audit are notified by US mail of the requirement to provide verification to the Board of 24 continuing education hours claimed on their renewal and are given approximately 30 days to submit verification. Once verification is received it is reviewed for compliance and the licensee is notified of the audit results.

Arrow What documentation do I have to provide if I am chosen for random audit?

Completion certificates or other documents supporting evidence of attendance such as:  

(1)       Signed attendance receipts;

(2)        Paid receipts;

(3)       A copy of a listing of attendees signed by a person sponsoring the course or program or the course/program provider, or

(4)       Completed continuing education transcript from the American Institute of Architects.

Arrow Do I have to submit my courses in advance to the Board for approval?

No, the Board does not pre-approve courses. The Board is relying on the professional judgment of the licensee to choose courses which comply with the administrative rules, and enhances the professional knowledge of the licensee. Specific criteria for continuing education hour requirements is outlined in administrative rules Arch 403.02 and 403.03.

Arrow What was the result of the first audit?

The first audit was conducted in May 2013. 5% of eligible licensees were audited for compliance. Two licensees surrendered their licenses because they were unable to produce the required proof of continuing education compliance. One license was revoked for lack of response to the audit. All other licensees were found to be in compliance.  The 2014 audit found all eligible licensees to be in compliance. The 2015 audit has resulted in one voluntary surrender however the audit is not been completed by this update.

Arrow Are there exemptions to the continuing education requirements?

Licensees on temporary active duty in the armed forces of the United States exceeding 120 consecutive days in a year are exempt. Licensees with proof of disability, or other extenuating circumstances may be exempt, however they must apply to the Board for their specific exemption, per Arch 403.05, 403.06.

Arrow If a continuing education course is offered as Health, Safety and Welfare and Sustainable Design may this be used in either category?

Yes, it can used in either category but not in both.

Arrow Is an American Institute of Architects (AIA) approved CEU acceptable?

Yes, as long as the class is in the categories in the administrative rules, arch 403.02 of health, safety or welfare or sustainable design.

Arrow In regards to 403.03.(h), active participation in professional or technical societies, which category would be acceptable for fulfilling the requirements, i.e. HSW or SD?

Credit would apply to where the organizations focus is; HSW or SD.