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Programs and Activities

Outstanding Achievement Award Program

Criteria for Selection and Application Requirements

The application should include the following categories:

  1. Nomination Application (20 Points)
    1. Achievement/Program being nominated
    2. Category of Nomination
  2. Proposal (80 Points)
    1. Description of Achievement (10 Points)
      1. A summary of Outstanding Achievement.
    2. Scope of Impact (10 Points)
      1. (i.e. Number of lives affected)
    3. Collaborative Achievements (10 Points)
      1. Explain how you worked jointly with others to accomplish the end success.
    4. Measurable Outcomes (10 Points)
      1. The evaluation criteria should explain clearly what is being measured and how it is going to be measured.
    5. 2-Letters of Support (15 Points Each = 30 Points max)
      1. Please attach up to two (2) letters of support.
    6. Supporting Materials (10 Points)
      1. (i.e. brochures, articles, promotional materials, photographs, etc.)

For information, please contact Travis Horne at or 603-224-7447 x223.

  Governor's Council on Physical Activity and Health
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