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90 Day Challenge

The 90 Day Challenge Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol is designed to get you moving every day. Often times, we over-emphasize exactly how much exercise we get each day. Whereas how much exercise you get does matter, and surely will reward you in terms of fitness improvements, it is even more important to focus on sustaining physical activity each and every day.

Each day, we Challenge you to move 20 Minutes per Day. You can do more, and are encouraged to do so, but the compulsory amount of physical activity is 20 Minutes per Day (20 minutes of any sustained physical activity). Upon achieving your 20 Minutes per Day, you would simply place a check-mark in the correspondent date box. The following day, the same Challenge exists … to move 20 Minutes per Day.

We encourage you to take full advantage of the beautiful State Parks in New Hampshire. What a wonderful backdrop to get your Mile in! Bring your passport with you, and a valid identification for free admission to the Parks (see exclusions on passport).

Okay … are you ready to take the Challenge?

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  Governor's Council on Physical Activity and Health
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