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January 2014

The Board is currently working with NHTI to possibly put on a GAL training in 2014.  Trainings must be financially self‐sustaining, so the Board requires a minimum number of committed candidates to make it economically viable to reserve the site, pay for materials and hire experienced practitioners to prepare and conduct the training.

If you would like to be notified about the next training please send an email to with “training” in the subject.

September 2013 Board Statement Regarding Training Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

If you are interested, please email the board at with Training as the subject. Information will be sent as soon as it becomes available.

In order to be certified by the Board as a guardian ad litem in the State of New Hampshire, application for certification requires completion of the Gal Board sponsored training (the General/Overview Training noted above and at least one Matter Specific Training). Following completion of the training, a Guardian ad litem may apply for Board certification (the application for certification must be filed within three (3) years of taking the training). However, there are other requirements that must be met in order for a Gal to be 'board certified'.

Participants should understand what this criteria is prior to completing the Gal Board sponsored training. Please review the requirements found in the 300 section of the rules.

The training requirements apply to all persons seeking certification as a Guardian ad Litem, regardless of profession, or years in guardian ad litem practice. For other requirements of initial certification, see Part Gal 303 of the Board's rules and the Board's Application Materials web page.

Please Note
The foregoing information relating to training is simply intended as a synopsis of the Board’s initial training requirements. It is not a verbatim recitation of all applicable rules and statutes. Those interested or involved in such training should consult the specific laws or rules at issue.



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