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Our heritage is what we inherit from the people who come before us - from our parents, grand parents, and the generations before them. Usually, we think of inheriting things like jewelry or money. But we can also inherit ways of doing things like making crafts, music, and dancing. These are traditional arts.

Click on the activities so you can put together puzzles based on traditional arts After your finish your puzzle you will have a chance to learn more and write a poem.

Click on any of these traditional arts and see what happens!

  Ash Basket Build a Picture activity Ash Basket Making
  Blacksmith Activity Blacksmithing
  Dog Sledding Build A Picture Activity Dog Sledding
  Fly Tie activity Fly Tying
  Contra Dance Activity Contra Dance
  Sheep Shearing Activity Sheep Shearing

After your puzzle is complete, you will have a chance to learn even more and write a poem. If you have a printer, you can print it out!

We will add more puzzle pictures, so keep checking back.

The original artworks for the Heritage Arts Build A Picture Activities were done by New Hampshire artists.  Click here to learn more.