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Drawing of a sled dog with a harness hooked to the front of a dog sled.

Dog sled making is one of the Build-A-Picture activities you can do!

Heritage Arts Build a Picture activityA fun way to learn about the heritage and traditions of New Hampshire. For youth grades 3 & up.

Teacher and parents
These activities provide resources for units on New Hampshire history. There is a special portal with information that can help you use and expand upon these activities.

teaching artists A compilation of resources for traditional artists, arts teachers, and classroom teachers who want to learn more about incorporating traditional arts in the curriculum, and aligning traditional arts to the Common Core.

New Hampshire First and Best activity Find out interesting facts about things done first & best right here in New Hampshire! Great for people of all ages!

Write an Essay activity Explore a collection of short essays on folklife & traditional arts in New Hampshire. Students grades 6 & up will find this a valuable resource for research projects. Print out the essays to create a booklet!

Why is it important to learn about folklife and traditional arts?

Folklife and traditional arts are passed down from generation to generation because they continue to have meaning and value. What isn't important slowly fades away and what is most meaningful and beautiful is preserved. Traditional arts are like the foundation stones of a house. They hold us up, keep us secure, and give us the strength to move forward.


Hands tatting lace

Tatting lace takes patience and a delicate touch.

Tying a fishing fly.

Ellis Hatch tying a fishing fly.

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All: Photographer - Lynn Martin Graton