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Learning about folklife & traditional arts can be a lifelong journey. It can begin when you are young by attending a festival, learning how to do a traditional craft or play an instrument, or by watching someone is very good at what they do.

Boy learning to use a bow saw at the Milton Farm Museum.

Boy learning to use a bow saw at the Milton Farm Museum.

You can begin exploring the many traditions that help make us who we are, right here.

Try our first activity focused on the unique history of New Hampshire:

New Hampshire Firsts & Bests
Age Group: 4th graders through adults

More activities will be added, so keep visiting The Learning Center for more to do and more to learn!

Coming soon . . .

Ideas and projects for schools.

Project Ideas for Teachers:
Elementary through High School

Exploring the tools, forms, and meanings of traditions through language & images.

Heritage Arts Build-a-Picture - Learn words special to traditional arts by building pictures and write about them.
Activity for Students Grades 4-6

You can also learn more about New Hampshire's folklife & traditional arts by reading essays about music, crafts, occupations, food, political, and recreational traditions in an area called New Hampshire Folklife Traditions!

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All: Photographer - Lynn Martin Graton