New Hampshire
Folklife in New Hampshire

1999 Smithsonian Folklife Festival

June 23 to July 4 1999
The National Mall, Washington DC

Celebrating New Hampshire Stories was developed from research carried out by folklorists and community scholars during the winter, spring, summer, and fall of 1998. Over two dozen folklorists and community scholars helped to interview, photograph, and learn from over 500 individuals.

Town Hall Stage

Town Hall Stage.

Over 140 performers, traditional craftsmen, and occupational specialists were invited to represent the folklife traditions of New Hampshire. Another 60-70 individuals came to Washington DC to help celebrate two days of special events.

The New Hampshire program "Celebrating New Hampshire Stories" occupied an area equivalent to three foot ball fields on the National Mall!

The festival site was organized around themes and had a wide range of built structures. Click here to learn more about the themes and the festival site.

New Hampshire Kitchen

New Hampshire Kitchen.

The Front Porch stage

The Front Porch stage.

Click here to view images from the New Hampshire program "Celebrating New Hampshire Stories"

There were six scheduled venues:

The Mill Stage

The Mill Stage.

Special events included:

Here's a typical day at the Festival from the program book schedule of events:

Photo credits
All: Photographer - Gary Samson