New Hampshire
Folklife in New Hampshire

1999 Smithsonian Folklife Festival

June 23 to July 4 1999
The National Mall, Washington DC

Key: Participants who only attended the 1999 Smithsonian Folklife Festival are displayed with "*"
         Participants who only attended the 2000 Celebrate NH Festival are displayed with "+"


    African-American Gospel & Spirituals

  • Wilmerlee Findlay, pianist/vocals; Amherst

  • Minister Lydia Mann, vocals; Manchester

  • Minister Olga Tines, vocals; Nashua

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    Contra Dance, Country Dance & Square Dance Music


  • David Bradley, bassist; Woodstock

  • Lester Bradley, guitarist/caller; Thornton

  • Ginny Loring, pianist; Campton +

  • George Loring, guitar; Campton +


  • Bob McQuillen, pianist; Peterborough

  • Jane Orzechowski, fiddler; Newport

  • Deanna Stiles, flutist; Deerfield


  • Dudley Laufman, fiddler/caller; Canterbury

  • Jacqueline Laufman, fiddler; Canterbury

  • Laura Gilman, fiddler; Canterbury

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  • Mary DesRosiers, contra dance caller; Harrisville

  • R.P. Hale, musician; Concord +

  • Rodney Miller, fiddler; Antrim

  • David Millstone, contra dance caller; Lebanon

  • Sylvia Miskoe, accordionist; Concord

  • Jared Moreau, fiddler; Dover +

  • Francis Orzechowski, pianist; Newport

  • Conor Sleith, fiddler; Harrisville +

  • David Surrette, guitarist; Portsmouth

  • Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki, fiddler; Canterbury

  • Harvey Tolman, fiddler; Nelson

  • Ryan Thomson, fiddler & guitarist; Newmarket

  • Timm Triplett, pianist; Newmarket

  • Steve Zakon-Anderson, contra dance caller; Hancock

  • Bill Zecker, fiddler/guitarist/pianist; Durham

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    Franco-American Music

  • Elwin "Shorty" Boulet, bones player; Whitefield

  • Alan Cote, soiree singer; Auburn

  • Fabienne Cote, soiree singer/accordionist; Londonderry

  • Rick Cote, soiree singer; Londonderry

  • Anne (Cote) McManus; soiree singer; Londonderry

  • Monica (Cote) Porter; soiree singer; Concord

  • Earl Porter, guitarist; Concord +

  • Wilson Langlois, fiddler; Nashua +

  • Rejeanne Letourneau, soiree singer; Rochester

  • Maria Perreault, soiree singer; Rochester +

  • Gary Pomerleau, fidder; Rochester

  • Joe Pomerleau, fiddler; Rochester

  • Henry Riendeau, fiddler; Rochester

  • Larry Riendeau, fiddler; Rochester

  • Richard Riendeau, guitar & fiddler; Berlin +

  • Lucie Therrien, songs; Portsmouth

  • Jeanne Trepanier, soiree singer; Rochester

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    Irish Music & Dance

  • Sarah Bauhan, flutist; Dublin

  • Alana Callendrello, step & ceili dancer; Exeter +

  • Regina Delaney, harpist/vocals/step and ceili dancer; Exeter

  • Micheal Serpa, bodran/whistle player; Ossipee

  • Jake Stewart, fiddler; Bow

  • Klezmer Music


  • Sandra Dickens, vocals, Nashua

  • Nelson Frisselle, percussionist; Manchester

  • Alan Green, clarinetist/vocals; Nashua

  • Ruth Winer Harris, accordionist; Hollis

  • Alan Karlsberg, clarinetist/saxophonist; Nashua

  • Frederick Malkin, pianist/vocals; Londonderry

  • Bruce Smith, bassist; Merrimack

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    Mexican Music

  • Bernardo Guzman, guitarist/vocals; Somersworth

  • Bernardo F. Guzman, vocals; Somersworth

  • Maria Guzman, vocals; Somersworth

  • Monica Guzman, vocals; Somersworth

  • Polish Music & Dance

  • Daniel Blajda, fiddler; Manchester

  • Michael Oliszczak, fiddler; Manchester

  • Gary Sredzienski, accordionist; Greenland

  • Scottish & Cape Breton Music & Dance

  • Brendan Carey Block, fiddler; Antrim +

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  • Megan Marsh, step dancer

  • Maggie Meffen, step dancer

  • Gordon Webster, bagpiper

  • Lezlie Webster, bagpiper



      SUB THEME: Comfort in the Home

    • Lisa Carpenter, decorative painter; Barrington

    • Karen Cook, spinner & knitter; Grantham

    • Vivian Eastman, quilter; Glen

    • Barbara Fisher, rug braider; Mt. Sunapee

    • Dona Larsen, Norwegian knitter; Berlin

    • Daithi Martin, spinner; Concord

    • Dorothy Towle, quilter/rug hooker; Intervale

    • Sandra Yacek, wreath maker; Milan

    • Wayne Yacek, gardener/toolmaker; Milan

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      SUB THEME: Images of Community

    • Andre Belanger, sign maker; Berlin

    • Jairo Gil, Colombian casa woodcarver; Manchester

    • Sara Glines, doll maker; Randolph

    • Greg Glines, assistant doll maker; Randolph

    • SUB THEME: Crafts of Worship and Celebration

    • Marjorie "Moocho" Salomon, tallitot weaver; Bethlehem

    • Galina Tregubov, Russian Orthodox icon embroiderer; Claremont

    • Kung Tai Tsay, Chinese knot tier; Nashua

    • SUB THEME: Our Shared Border - Franco American Traditions

    • Albert Hamel, genealogist; Chester

    • Constance Hamel, genealogist, Chester

    • Gerald Brunnelle, woodcarver; Laconia

    • Reverend Bob Morin, woodcarver; Berlin

    • Edmond Demers, woodcarver; Farmington +

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      SUB THEME: Community Voice - Political Traditions in New Hampshire

    • Georgi Hippauf; Nashua

    • Donna Soucy; Manchester *

    • Trina Purcell, Concord +

    • SUB THEME: Hearth & Home - Foodways Traditions

    • Chrysanthe Nagios, Greek cook; Bedford

    • Rebecca Parker, Yankee cook; Randolph

    • Helen Pervanas, Greek cook; Bedford

    • Estelle Gamache Ross, Franco-American cook


      SUB THEME: Weather

    • Barry Keim, Climate Change Research Center, University of New Hampshire; Durham

    • Greg Zielinski, Glacier Research Group, University of New Hampshire; Durham

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      SUB THEME: Spring

      Tim Levesque, Appalachian Mountain Club; Jackson

    • Peter Limmer III, hiking-boot maker; Intervale

    • Clare Long, Appalachian Mountain Club; Glen

    • Chris Thayer, Appalachian Mountain Club; Jackson

    • SUB THEME: Summer Camp

    • Dotty Burrows, children's activities; Center Ossipee

    • Lynn Garland, Cooperative Extension & 4H; Brentwood

    • Lisa Kelly, farm crafts & children's activities; Westmoreland +

    • SUB THEME: Fall

    • Mark Favorite, fly tier; Rochester

    • Fred Kretchman, rod maker; Nashua

    • Ryan Nicholson, assistant flintlock rifle builder; Contoocook

    • David Price, flintlock rifle builder; Contoocook

    • Jay Trayner, canoe builder; Warner

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      SUB THEME: Winter

    • Scott Barthold, snow-making technology - Sno.matic Controls and Engineering, Inc.; Lebanon *

    • Treflee Bolduc, snow shoe maker; Conway +

    • Charles Coffin, ice fishing; Rumney +

    • Paul Doherty, snowmobiler; Gorham *

    • Walter Elander, ski resort design -; Littleton

    • Ken Hammerle, ski resort design -; Littleton

    • George Lemerise, ski search and rescuer - Attitash Bear peak; Jackson

    • Joel Nordholm, dog sled maker; Tilton

    • Matthew Purcell, snow making technology - Sno.matic Controls and Engineering, Inc; Lebanon

    • Alan Smith, snowmobiling; Concord +

    • Henri Valliancourt, snowshoe making; Greenville

    • Bruno Vallieres, ski-slope groomer - Attitash Bear peak; North Conway

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      SUB THEME: Craft Guilds

    • League of New Hampshire Craftsmen

    • Fred Dolan, decoy carver; Center Barnstead

    • Anne Winterling, rug hooker; Concord

    • SUB THEME: Furniture Masters

    • Omar Clairmont, furniture maker; Gilmanton

    • David Lamb, furniture maker; Canterbury

    • Russell Pope, blacksmith; Newmarket

    • Jonathan Siegel, furniture maker; Franklin

    • SUB THEME: Hearts to God, Hands to Work - Shaker Crafts in New Hampshire

    • Steve Allman, oval box maker; Canterbury

    • Barbara Beeler, oval box maker; Contoocook

    • Norma Badger George, Shaker poplarware maker; Concord

    • Robert Verity, Shaker broom maker; Bradford +

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      SUB THEME: Business & Community

    • Arthur Anderson, loom maker - Harrisville Designs; Marlow

    • Terry Lontine, cooper - Spaulding & Frost; Newton *

    • Polly Pinkham, firefighting suit maker - Globe Firefighting Suits; Northwood

    • Rob Roy Robb, weaver; Laconia

    • SUB THEME: Business & Family

    • Betty Blanchard, chair reseater; Concord

    • Peter Blanchard, chair reseater; Concord

    • Bob Taylor, welder; Alstead

    • Jim Taylor, welder; Alstead

    • Newt Washburn, ash basket maker; Bethlehem

    • SUB THEME: Innovation & Invention

    • Bill Latva, precision machinist; Sunapee

    • Charles Lawrence, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard; Stratham *

    • E.D. Miller, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard; Stratham *

    • Christopher Hill Morse, etching; Grafton

    • Dave Packard, precision machinist; Hillsboro *

    • Adam Taylor, precision machinist; Claremont

    • Frank E. Wiggins, precision machinist; Guild

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      SUB THEME: Farming

    • Richard Dionne, beekeeper; Hudson +

    • Mary Ellen Hutchinson, maple sugaring/apple orchards; Canterbury

    • Roy Hutchinson, maple sugaring/apple orchards; Canterbury

    • Alden Marshall, orchard keeper; Hudson

    • Betty Moulton, maple sugaring/dairy farmer; New Hampton

    • Robert Moulton, maple sugaring; dairy farmer; New Hampton

    • Hank Peterson, apple orchards; Londonderry

    • Peter Wagner, apple grower; Hampton *

    • SUB THEME: Skills & Crafts of Work Animals

    • Bob Boynton, yoke maker; Dunbarton

    • Hugh Fifield, draft horse worker/storyteller; Canterbury

    • Bob Graves, oxen teamster/dairy farmer; Walpole

    • David Kennard, sheepdog trainer; Harrisville

    • Colin Kennard, assistant sheep dog trainer; Harrisville

    • Cliff McGinnis, draft horse worker/veterinary medicine; Pembroke

    • Brian Patten, oxen teamster; Springfield +

    • Kim Patten, oxen teamster; Springfield +

    • Andy Westover, working steers; Walpole

    • Leah Wilson, working steers; Walpole

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      SUB THEME: Forest & Lumber Traditions

    • Tom Chrisenton, tree farm/forestry management; Lyndeborough

    • Ginny Chrisenton, tree farm/forestry management; Lyndeborough

    • Doug Jackson, sawmill operator; Prospect (ME)

    • Barry Kelley, sawmill management; Berlin

    • Stan Knowles, tree farm inspector; North Hampton

    • Brian Lamarre, chainsaw carving; Shelburne

    • SUB THEME: The Arts of Historic Restoration

    • David Adams, historic buildings conservationist; Portsmouth

    • Arnold Graton, Jr., covered bridge conservationist; Concord

    • Arnold Graton, Sr., covered bridge conservationist; Ashland

    • Austin Graton, Sr., covered bridge conservationist; Ashland

    • Austin Graton, Jr., covered bridge conservationist; Plymouth

    • Stephen Roy, historic buildings conservationist; Portsmouth

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      SUB THEME: Timber Framing

    • Tedd Benson, timber framer; Alstead *

    • Joel McCarty, timber framer; Alstead

    • Tom Southworth, timber framer; Lancaster +

    • SUB THEME: Granite & Stone:

    • Doug Faxon, stone wall builder; Walpole

    • Kevin Fife, stone wall builder; Northfield

    • Hans Kaufhold, monument carver; Peterborough

    • Niels Neilsen, Old Man of the Mountain maintenance; Belmont +

    • David Neilson, Old Man of the Mountain maintenance; Belmont +

    • SUB THEME: Maritime Traditions:

    • Jim Antanavich, Sr., gill net maker; Seabrook *

    • Trudy Antanavich, gill net maker; Seabrook *

    • Nate Hanscom, lobster fisherman; Rye

    • Mike Kozlowski, lobster fisherman; Rye

    • Brenda Robichaud, gill net maker; Gonic +

    • Robert Robichaud, gill net maker; Gonic +

    • Arthur Splaine, lobster fisherman; Rye

    • Carl Widen, lobster fisherman; Rye

    • Carol Ann Widen, lobster fisherman; Rye

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    PRESENTERS (Folklorists & Community Scholars who assisted tradition bearers with presentations):

    • Jack Beard, Music; Candia

    • Lynn Bly, Foodways, Concord

    • Betty Belanus, Foodways, Washington DC

    • Drew Conroy, oxen; Berwick (ME) +

    • JB Cullen, forestry; Concord

    • Linda Dolan, decoy carving; Center Barnstead/Strafford

    • Burt Feintuch, Music; Portsmouth

    • Stephanie Gardner, Canoe building; Warner

    • Sue Hawkins, Crafts; Lancaster

    • John Hutton, oxen & draft horses; Stratham

    • Susan Jasse, foodways; Walpole

    • Roberta Kaufhold, stone cutting; Peterborough

    • Lynn Martin (Graton), Music; Concord

    • Louis Mazzari, ingenuity & enterprise; Medford

    • Kathy Neustadt, foodways; Lexington (MA)

    • Julien Olivier, Franco-American Traditions; Barrington

    • Derek Owen, stone; Hopkinton

    • Esther Price, Flintlock Gun building; Contoocook

    • Diane Souther, Foodways; Concord

    • Andrew Stewart, Music; Enfield

    • Jeff Warner, Music; Portsmouth +

    • Patryc Wiggins, precision machining; Newport

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    The 2000 Celebrate New Hampshire Festival was an expanded recreation of the New Hampshire program for the 1999 Smithsonian Folklife Festival. A variety of new organizations and individuals concerned with New Hampshire's cultural heritage joined the event. A listing follows:

      NEW THEMES for Celebrate New Hampshire Festival:

      Celebrate Our History:

    • Concord Coach Society

    • Flying Yankee

    • Girl Scouts of Swift Water Council

    • Heritage New Hampshire

    • Winnipesaukee Antiques Association

    • Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum

    • New Hampshire Farm Museum

    • Fort @ No. 4 Associates

    • R.P. Hale

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      Partnerships for Community Service:

    • Citizens for New Hampshire Land & Community Heritage

    • Department of Resources & Economic Development

    • NHDES & Governor's Office of Energy and Community Services

    • New Hampshire Department of Cultural Resources

    • New Hampshire Office of State Planning

    • New Hampshire Department of Transportation

    • New Hampshire State Prison for Women

    • New Hampshire State Prison for Men

    • New Hampshire Conservation Partnership

    • New Hampshire Department of Agriculture

    • New Hampshire Agriculture in the Classroom

    • Granite State Dairy Promotion

    • University of New Hampshire

    • New Hampshire Sweepstakes Commission

    • UNH Cooperative Extension

    • New Hampshire College & University Council

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      Exhibitors & Organizations Integrated into the major theme areas from 1999 Festival:

      Seasonal Work & Recreation:

    • New Hampshire Fish and Game Department

    • New Hampshire Wildlife Federation

    • Ski New Hampshire

    • Search and Rescue Groups in New Hampshire

      Farm, Forest, Mountain & Sea:

    • New Hampshire Christmas Tree Promotion Board

    • New Hampshire State Grange

    • New Hampshire Tree Farm Program

    • Society of New Hampshire Foresters

    • UNH Cooperative Extension Forestry & Wildlife Program

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      Ingenuity & Enterprise:

    • Academy of Applied Science

    • The League of New Hampshire Craftsmen

    • SPECIAL EVENT Performers (evening concerts & day-time):

    • Angel Band

    • Tom Burrack

    • D'accord

    • Carolyn Parrott

    • Enfield Shaker Singers

    • Femme`amie

    • Kevin Koo

    • Lamprey River Band

    • McGonagle School of Irish Dance

    • Hawkeye Express - The Hopkinton Middle School Jazz Band

    • Newmarket Laotian Ensemble

    • Northern Spy

    • Shaw Brothers

    • Smoked Kielbasa Emergency Polka Unit

    • Special Guest from Quebec: Luc Bosse

    • R Brothers

    • Ryan Thompson

    • "On Stage"

    • Justine Paul

    • Power of the Past

    • Strings N' Things

    • Josee Vachon

    • Ziema Krakowska Polish Folk Dance Company

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    • Town Bands:

    • Hopkinton Town Band

    • Kearsarge Community Band

    • Nevers Band

    • Temple Band

    • Upper Valley Community Band

    • Windham Community Band

    • Others Special Presentations:

    • Hopkinton Friends of Fire King 2

    • New Hampshire Writer's Project

    • North American Class C Firemen's Muster Association

    • Spoof Gambling Circus

    • Woodsmen's Demonstration by Ed Naile

    • Woodsmen's Demonstration by Don Quigley and Granite State Lumberjack Association

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      Animal Presentations:

    • Carroll County Kennel Club

    • Draft Horse & Pony Association

    • 4-H Working Steers

    • Governor's Horse Guards

    • New Hampshire Dairy Goat Association

    • New Hampshire 4-H Dairy Goats

    • New Hampshire State Police Canines

    • Foodways:

    • Tom Curren - Bean Hole Beans

    • WORKSHOP Instructors:

    • Art Anderson, Wooden Toys

    • Todd Aubertin, Native American Flutes

    • Peter Blanchard, Chair Reseating

    • Elwin "Shorty" Boulet, Franco-American Bones Playing

    • Fred Dolan, Duck Decoys

    • Mark Favorite, Fly Tying

    • Sara Glines, Doll Making

    • Robert Holzhauser, Bow Making

    • Christopher Hill Morse, Engraving

    • Alice Ogden, Black Ash Wall Baskets

    • Carolyn Parrott, Singing

    • Lucie Therrien, Frano-American Culture, History & Music

    • Pam Weeks Worthen, Quilting

    • Sandra Ann Yacek, Wreathmaking

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    MAJOR STAFF for 1999 Smithsonian Folklife Festival - June 23 to July 4, 1999:

    • Director Smithsonian Center for Folklife & Cultural Studies - Dr. Richard Kurin

    • Deputy Director - Dr. Richard Kennedy

    • Festival Director - Diana Parker

    • Administrative Officer - Barbara Strickland

    • Festival Curators - Dr. Betty Belanus and Lynn Martin (Graton)

    • Technical Director - Pete Reiniger

    • Program Coordinator - Arlene Reiniger

    • Designer - Kristen Fernekes

    • Art Director - Kenn Shrader

    • Archivist - Jeffrey Place

    • Assistant Archivist - Stephanie Smith

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    MAJOR STAFF for 2000 Celebrate New Hampshire Festival- June 7 to 11, 2000:

    • Festival Director - John Gfroerer

    • Curator - Lynn Martin Graton

    • Technical Director - Gary Crane

    • Program Coordinator - Jennifer McLean

    • Hopkinton State Fairgrounds Site Coordinator - Alan Hardy

    • Designer - Nikki Bonenfant (Savramis) Good Idea Design & Marketing Group

    • Consulting provided by Smithsonian Institution Center for Folklife & Cultural Heritage

    • Organizations Assisting with Festival Production:

      Festival Information - New Hampshire Division of Travel & Tourism Development

      Festival Volunteers:

    • Granite State Ambassadors

    • New Hampshire Department of Corrections

    • New Hampshire Office of Volunteerism

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    The Festival Presentations were underwritten by public and private funds and overseen by:

    New Hampshire Commission on the Smithsonian Folklife Festival (1997-2001):

  • Chairman - Merv Stevens

  • Department of Cultural Resources:

  • Commissioner Van McLeod

  • New Hampshire State Council on the Arts, Department of Cultural Resources:

  • Chairman - Chris Dwyer

  • Director - Rebecca L. Lawrence

  • Celebrate New Hampshire Culture (1997-2002):, affiliated non profit organization that spearheaded fundraising and served as fiscal agent for the Smithsonian and Celebrate New Hampshire festivals

  • Director during preparations for the 1999 Smithsonian Folklife Festival - Rona Zlokower

  • Director during preparations for the 2000 Celebrate New Hampshire Culture festival - Michael Chaney

  • Chairman - Van McLeod

  • Private Funders:

    Presenting sponsor - Bell Atlantic (Verizon). Other major sponsors - Fleet Bank NH; Healthsource NH, A CIGNA Healthcare Company; Public Service of New Hampshire; Sanders, A Lockeed Martin Company; Tyco International Ltd.; Fidelity Investments; Fisher Scientific International Inc.; The Recording Industries Music Performance Trust Funds, and the New Hampshire National Guard.

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For a complete listing of staff, Board members, Commission members, and others, contact the Traditional Arts Program of the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts.