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New Hampshire enjoys the benefits of all four seasons. Whether your production requires a snowy landscape, the colors of autumn, or a warm summer sky, New Hampshire will meet your needs.

Specific up-to-date weather forecasts or sunrise/sunset times can be found at on the New Hampshire page of the National Weather Service.

Fall foliage and snow conditions can be found at:

According to the U.S. Weather Bureau, the average monthly temperature in Concord is:

  • January: 21 degrees F, -6 degrees C
  • February: 23 degrees F, -5 degrees C
  • March: 32 degrees F, 0 degrees C
  • April: 44 degrees F, 7 degrees C
  • May: 56 degrees F, 13 degrees C
  • June: 65 degrees F, 18 degrees C
  • July: 70 degrees F, 21 degrees C
  • August: 67 degrees F, 19 degrees C
  • September: 60 degrees F, 16 degrees C
  • October: 49 degrees F, 9 degrees C
  • November: 38 degrees F, 3 degrees C
  • December: 25 degrees F, -4 degrees C

Average monthly precipitation is 3.2".

The weather, like that throughout New England, can change quickly and be diverse depending upon your location. For instance, while summer days can be warm, if you're venturing into the mountains or out to sea, bring additional warm clothing to layer on as needed.

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