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Your Property In Pictures

Interested in having your property considered as a location for film, television, or print media projects? Producers are always looking for a wide variety of locations, and we'll be more than happy to add your property to our digital locations library -- the first stop for many filmmakers looking for that great backdrop.

To add photos of your property to our library, please send us around 10-15 high-resolution digital photos (at least 600px wide) on a CD or USB thumb drive (printed photos are no longer accepted.) You can send your pictures via email to [email protected], but please break batches up to no larger than 10MB per email.

Along with the submission, please include the property address, a contact person’s name, and phone numbers. For rural properties, please include some basic directions -- you're also welcome to include any GPS coordinates, if available. In addition, please include a brief description about the property, its amenities and features (size, parking, etc.) and any restrictions. You'll also want to provide brief captions for each photo.

New Hampshire Film & Television Office
19 Pillsbury Street
Concord, NH 03301


  • Shoot single images in a landscape orientation.
  • Shoot both the interior and exterior of the property. Remember to always include an establishing shot of the property shot from across the street, and a reverse of it shot from the property to show both the property itself and its immediate surroundings. Do the same for the back of the property.
  • Shoot the space, and not individual decorative details. Stand at one end of the room, and then shoot a reverse from the opposite side.


We’ll immediately add your photos to our library, and if more information is needed, we'll let you know. We may show your photos (along with similar locations) to producers, but we won't contact you unless the producer wants to visit for a more detailed look at the property. Such a visit does not obligate either party; it's simply to see if the location will indeed work for that particular project. Of course, we can't promise that your property will generate interest from filmmakers, no matter how unusual it is. Don’t have unrealistic expectations, but go ahead and send us those photos anyway. You never know!


"How much will I be paid if my house is used?" There’s no standard answer, because there’s no standard amount for location fees. Film budgets range from very large to very small, depending on the type of project. You don’t have to figure out an amount to charge; the film company will make you an offer, based on how long they need your property, and how much they have to spend. Most items in a location contract are negotiable.


Do you have a production interested in your property and you aren't sure how to handle it? Let us know! We'll help you with the process.

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