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Production Directory Listing Guidelines

Last updated: July 10, 2013

The New Hampshire Film & Television Office Production Directory is a database of industry professionals and support services providing products and services to entertainment firms producing motion pictures, television programs, commercials or print advertising within New Hampshire. The New Hampshire Film & Television Office invites New Hampshire-based production companies and crew to list their services with our online directory. Here's how you can submit your information, along with our policies regarding directory listings:

Basic Information

If you are a New Hampshire-based individual or company and would like to add your services to the guide, send an e-mail to with the following information:

  1. Your Name (required)
  2. Company Name
  3. Address, City, State, Zip (required) -- please let us know if you would like your address to be publicly displayed. Otherwise only City & State will appear.
  4. Primary Phone Number (required)
  5. Secondary Phone Number
  6. Fax Number
  7. Web Address
  8. E-mail Address (required) -- please let us know if you would like your email address to be publicly displayed.

The above information is necessary for Film Office documentation. Published listings must contain, at minimum, your name and/or a company name, city, a description of your services and one method of contact (either phone or e-mail).

Category Selection

You are welcome to list your services in up to four (4) categories that best describe your services. (Refer to our Production Directory for categories)

  1. Category One (required)
  2. Category Two
  3. Category Three
  4. Category Four

Provide a brief description (of no more than 150 words), including services, affiliations, equipment, and credits relevant to each category (e.g. all camera-related credits, equipment, and services should be kept under the Camera category, while all of your editing credits, etc. should be listed only under the Editing category.)

Listing Policies

  • The description in your listing should be a brief summary of services, qualifications, credits, and/or equipment available. Please refrain from using the description as advertising space. Prices, fees, special deals, or statements such as, “Your best choice in New Hampshire” will not be accepted. Story or film synopses are also prohibited.
  • Be truthful with your credits and qualifications. Padding your resume or posting untrue work credits will result in the removal of your listing. Your experience should be reflected in your credits. NOTE: Major motion picture and television credits should, at the least, be verifiable through IMDb (Internet Movie Database) at
  • The New Hampshire Film & Television Office reserves the right to edit, qualify, categorize, or reject any listing submitted for posting in the online production guide. NOT ALL APPLICANTS WILL QUALIFY.

If you have questions regarding our online production guide, our listing policies, or film and television production in New Hampshire, feel free to contact the New Hampshire Film & Television Office at 603-271-2220 or via e-mail at
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