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NH Environmental Public Health Tracking Program
Environmental Public Health Tracking Data

Asthma Hospitalization Data

The EPHT Program tracks inpatient hospitalization discharges for asthma as the indicator source for asthma exacerbation and tracks two key air pollutants, ozone (O3) and fine particulate pollution (PM2.5), in its surveillance of air quality. Tracking asthma hospital admissions and air pollutants using a standardized method will allow for the monitoring of trends over time; identify high-risk groups; and inform prevention, evaluation, and program planning efforts. By linking these data sets, the EPHT Program will eventually track asthma hospitalizations caused by air pollution alone.

The asthma hospitalization indicator uses data collected by hospitals. It can be used to identify trends and patterns in the occurrence of asthma across time and space. The data are organized by different variables to help estimate the number of asthma hospital admissions in different time periods, age groups, and geographic areas, such as states and counties. Asthma hospital admissions tend to be for more severe asthma attacks and do not include asthma among individuals who do not receive medical care, who are not hospitalized, or who are treated in outpatient settings. Differences between geographic areas may be the result of differences in the underlying population or in the diagnostic or coding techniques used by the reporting hospital.

The following asthma hospitalizations measures are tracked in New Hampshire.

Annual counts by year and geography
Annual county age-adjusted rates
Annual county age-specific rates
Annual rates by age and gender
Annual rates by geography and gender
Annual statewide age-adjusted rates
Annual statewide age-specific rates

Asthma counts by year and geography (inpatient)
Asthma rates by age and gender (inpatient)
Asthma rates by year and geography (inpatient)
County age-adjusted asthma discharge rates (inpatient)
County age-specific asthma discharge rates (inpatient)
Statewide age-adjusted asthma discharge rates (inpatient)
Statewide age-specific asthma discharge rates (inpatient)

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