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SB 367 - Transportation Funding for New Hampshire

Working on New Hampshire roads House and Senate Approve Transportation Funding Plan for I-93 Expansion, Critical Road and Bridge Projects Across the State
Transportation improvement projects ranging from Interstate 93 to rural roads in the North Country will be funded by new revenues.



senate bill 367

Fuel prices in New Hampshire include an additional 4.2 cents per gallon dedicated to the state’s transportation system effective on July 1, 2014. This is the first increase in New Hampshire's state road toll since 1991.

The purpose of this Web page is to provide transparent and location-specific information on transportation infrastructure investments funded through Senate Bill 367. It will be updated regularly.

Working on Interstate 93

Revenues from SB 367
will help complete the
Interstate 93 project.

What projects will be funded with the additional revenue expected to be generated by SB 367?

Projects include resurfacing and reconstruction on secondary roadways, municipal bridges, and Interstate 93:

Resurfacing, by NHDOT district (updated 2/5/2015)
Resurfacing, by NHDOT district (updated 7/8/2014
Reconstruction, by NHDOT district (updated 2/5/2015
Reconstruction, by NHDOT district (updated 7/8/2014)

Municipal bridges

Visit NHDOT's Project Viewer to see a map of projects supported by SB 367. (In the "Project Search" box, select "Special Projects" in the third box from the top, and then "SB 367 Road Toll."

It is expected to generate approximately $32-$33 million per year in new revenue starting in Fiscal Year 2015. Known formally as the “road toll” this increased revenue from motor fuel sales will be dedicated to infrastructure investments.

Governor Maggie Hassan

Gov. Maggie Hassan
signed SB 367 into law
during a ceremony on
May 20, 2014.

Gov. Maggie Hassan signed the bill into law during a ceremony on May 20, 2014.

“Our bipartisan transportation funding bill is the most significant state-level investment in transportation infrastructure in 23 years. This legislation is an important step toward addressing our transportation needs, keeping New Hampshire’s economy moving forward by advancing critical road and bridge projects, finishing the long-overdue expansion of I-93 and improving commutes for our workers and visitors.”

Governor's press release on bill signing.

(Follow this link for the Governor's statement when the bill was approved by the Legislature.)

Full legislation can be found here:
Senate Bill 367 Legislation

The following documents were provided to the House Public Works and Highways Committee by the Legislative Budget Assistant’s Office (LBAO) during deliberations:

North Country road construction

Road paving projects will
affect regions from the
North Country to southern
New Hampshire.

Summary of financial analysis for the House Public Works Committee Note: In the final approved version, the cost to remove the Exit 12 ramp tolls on the Everett Turnipke in Merrimack is $0.6 million

Red listed municipal bridge

New revenues will fund
work on red-listed
municipal bridges.

Detailed analysis for the House Public Works Committee

Preliminary estimates of Municipal Block Grant aid increases. Increased Block Grant amounts are calculated by the formula identified in RSA 235:23, which is based on a municipality's share of population and local roadway mileage.

In addition, SB 367 will make possible the construction of the northern segment of capacity improvements of the I-93 rebuilding project between Salem and Manchester.

As noted, SB 367 dedicates funds to a number of different project categories. The projects shown at this time are preliminary and are subject to change. As project decisions are finalized and projects are implemented, they will be clearly marked. Updates will be posted frequently.

Page updated March 12, 2015.

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