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Air Rail Highway Bike/Ped Public Transit

Program Delivery
The State RTAP is outlined in a Program of Projects submitted to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) annually.

Program Delivery - States have broad discretion in deciding how best to provide assistance and implement projects under RTAP. Such delivery of these projects may include:

  • Assistance by in-house staff
  • Contracts with private consultants, universities, nonprofit organizations, state transit associations or other organizations or operators
  • Support of peer-to-peer networks of individuals to provide assistance to each other
  • Scholarships or tuition and expenses for individuals to attend training courses or workshop

Program Eligibility
RTAP offers services to agencies that receive FTA funds or provide transit or paratransit services in New Hampshire, with emphasis on rural public transit.

RTAP funds may be used to support rural transit activities in four categories:

  • Training
  • Technical Assistance
  • Research
  • Support Services


Training - Scholarships Applications will be evaluated based on the applicability and transferability of the information/training to be presented; it should offer some value beyond the individual applicant.

Eligible recipients may receive RTAP scholarships to attend conferences, workshops, etc. Recipients should make plans to make information for a course or conference available to others in the form of a written summary that must be attached to their post-expense (reimbursement) request form.

Unless extenuating circumstances exist, the Bureau of Rail & Transit must receive the Pre-Expense Scholarship Application form at least 30 days prior to the training date.  The Pre-Expense Scholarship Application form must fully describe the event that the applicant will be attending and attach copies of relevant conference brochures or agendas.

NH RTAP Scholarship Information and Application Form (revised November 2012)

Expenses Expenses which may be reimbursed include: conference fees, travel expenses and lodging.

Expenses which are not covered include: phone calls, in-room movies, rental cars, meals and alcoholic beverages.

Receipts must be submitted with the Post-Expense Form. RTAP reimbursement may not be more than 10% over the amount approved on the Pre-Expense Form. (Note: Late Registrations will be reimbursed at 80%)

Section 5311 recipients - up to $4,000 at 100% per state fiscal year.
Section 5310 recipients - up to $3,000 at 100% per state fiscal year.

In-State Training Courses RTAP will reimburse 100% of the costs of: Courses required, developed or offered by the Bureau of Rail & Transit or Agency courses approved by the Bureau of Rail & Transit provided that the classes are open to other agencies.  If the classes are not open to outside agencies and are held exclusively for a single agency's staff, RTAP will reimburse up to 80% of the cost. (Note: agency staff time & mileage reimbursement are not eligible expenses; course materials, RTAP instructor fees, and facility rental fees are covered)

RTAP will reimburse 80% of the costs of: course charges for enrolling agency staff in relevant courses approved in advance by the Bureau of Rail & Transit.

(If an agency wishes to be reimbursed for other expenses such as mileage or hotels, the agency must submit a Scholarship request.)

NH RTAP Instructors who are agency staff should be allowed to teach during a regularly scheduled workday; however, if a class is scheduled on a non-work day, the instructor may be reimbursed 100% for mileage from home to class location and may be reimbursed for time as an instructor at rates approved by the Bureau of Rail & Transit.

Training Materials & Equipment Eligible recipients may request up to 100% of the costs of supplies needed for training or technical assistance; for example, workbooks, videos, certificates, and rental of needed equipment.

Training Equipment such as DVD players or LCD projectors may be purchased with 80% RTAP funds if a continuing need for transit training exists. Expenditures for equipment and materials must be approved in advance by the Bureau of Rail & Transit.

Technical Assistance RTAP will reimburse up to 100% of the cost of workshops arranged by the Bureau of Rail & Transit or local agencies in cooperation with the Bureau. Other technical assistance projects may include contracts with consultants for marketing, service development, etc. and may be eligible for 100% reimbursement from RTAP. RTAP will reimburse up to 80% of the costs of technical assistance programs limited to one agency's personnel.

Research Not included in the RTAP Program of Projects at this time.

Related Support ServicesExpenses to support RTAP activities, such as a regular newsletter or postage and printing costs for RTAP projects are included in this category.

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