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Welcome to the Ten Year Plan Home Page!

New Hampshire RSA 228:99 and RSA 240 require that the New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT) propose a plan for improvements to the State's transportation system every two years. The purpose of the Ten Year Plan is to develop and implement a plan allowing New Hampshire to fully participate in federally supported transportation improvement projects as well as to outline projects and programs funded with State transportation dollars.

Please contact Bill Watson or Glenn Davison at 271-3344 if you have any questions on any of the information on this page.

2019-2028 Ten Year Plan

Governor's Advisory Commission on Intermodal Transportation (GACIT)

August 23, 2017 GACIT Meeting

Public Meeting Notice

Fall 2017 GACIT Public Hearing Schedule

July 19, 2017 GACIT Meeting

Kickoff Meeting Ten Year Plan Supplement

GACIT Kickoff Meeting Presentation

Agenda for Kickoff Meeting


2017-2026 Ten Year Plan

June 24, 2016

Approved 2017-2026 Ten Year Excel Version

Program Charts Handouts

April 26, 2016

Draft 10 Year Plan (TYP) as Submitted to Senate

Senate TYP Presentation

Senate Program Charts Handout

February 17, 2016 Funding Categories in TYP Presentation
Funding Categories - Handouts

January 27, 2016 House Public Works & Highways Committee Presentation

Governor's Submission to the Legislature

January 14, 2016 Draft 2017-2026 Ten Year Plan Excel Version

GACIT's Submission to the Governor

December 16, 2015 Transmitttal Letter (GACIT to Governor)

December 16, 2015 Draft 2017-2026 Ten Year Plan Adopted by GACIT Excel Version

GACIT Meeting Testimony and Summary from Fall Hearings

November 12, 2015 GACIT Meeting Handout

Fall 2015 GACIT Presentation

Fall 2015 GACIT Public Hearing Schedule


2015-2024 Ten Year Plan

Approved Ten Year Plan 2015-2024 Signed into Law by Governor Hassan August 1, 2014 Excel Version

Senate Transportation Commitee

Senate Transportation Committee Approved Draft Ten Year Plan May 6, 2014

Legislative Review

House Approved Ten Year Plan March 25,2014

House Public Works Committee Draft Ten Year Plan Working Draft January 27, 2014

Governor's Submission to the Legislature

Draft 2015-2024 Ten Year Plan January 15, 2014

Draft 2015-2024 Ten Year Plan Excel Version January 15, 2014

Transmittal Letter January 15, 2014

List of Project Changes

GACIT'S Submission to the Governor

Draft 2015-2024 Ten Year Plan December 2, 2013

Draft 2015-2024 Ten Year Plan Excel Version December 2, 2013

Transmittal Letter December 4, 2013

Total Program Dollars by Fiscal Year

Changes in TYP through GACIT Process

Fall 2013 GACIT Hearing Schedule

Final Summary of GACIT Hearings

Hearing Summary

Additional GACIT Hearings have been scheduled for November 6th and November 20th. The meetings will be held at 1:00 at the New Hampshire Department of Transportation on Hazen Drive in Concord.

GACIT Hearings - November 2013 (Public Notice)

GACIT Hearing Presentation

Draft 2015-2024 Ten Year Plan Excel version


Executive Council District 1 Executive Council District 2
Executive Council District 3 Executive Council District 4
Executive Council Distric 5  

Supporting Documents:

Supplement Facts and Figures
National Highway System Safety Condition (Crash)
Functional Class Park'n'Rides & Rest Areas
Pavement Condition Bicycle Routes
Bridge Conditions - State Public Transportation
Bridge Conditions - Municipal Railroads
Mobility (Traffic Congestion) Public Use Airports


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