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Asphalt Content Determination by Ignition Ovens
Project ID: 13733F
Researcher: New Hampshire Department of Transportation
Status: Completed
Details: The use of extraction solvents for asphalt content determination in New Hampshire has become a safety, time, and waste disposal issue over the years. Chlorinated solvents are no longer used by NHDOT due to the health hazards of prolonged exposure. Even terpene solvents are considered irritants, and can cause headaches and nausea after prolonged exposure to fumes. Centrifugal extraction of hot mix asphalt (HMA) for asphalt cement (AC) content and aggregate gradation currently take 2.5 hours with the use of the terpene-based solvents required by the New Hampshire Department of Transportation. Since a new HMA drum plant can produce more than 1000 tons of HMA per hour, that delay is unacceptable for quality control operations. HMA plants no longer dispose of waste solvent through the aggregate dryers. Disposal of the hazardous or flammable product through waste management corporations is expensive. The National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT) developed equipment and a procedure for the removal of AC from HMA through an ignition method. This study evaluated the NCAT oven, produced by Barnstead Thermolyne, and ignition procedure by comparing the results of split field tests against NHDOTs standard extraction method. A second oven, produced by Gilson, was also evaluated against the NHDOT procedure. This report also makes a relative comparison of the two ignition ovens for ease of use and installation and lab modification needs.
Contact: For more information contact the Department's Bituminous Supervisor (603) 271-3151

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