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Consultant Selection > Projects Soliciting for Interest
Below is a listing of Qualifications-Based contracts for consideration by the Consultant Selection Committee, and Low-Bid contracts which will be awarded to prequalified firms by low-bid in accordance with the procedures developed by the Bureau requiring services.
Services Key
AERO aeronautics/airport engineering MECH mechanical engineering
AIR air quality analyses for NEPA documentation MULT full-service engineering firm
AMAP aerial mapping NOIS noise analyses for NEPA documentation
ARCY archaeological investigations PLAN transportation planning
BRDG bridge design engineering PINV public involvement
CIVL building and site engineering R&T rail & transit engineering
CMGT construction management/construction services RDWY roadway design engineering
ELEC electrical engineering ROW right-of-way
ENV ecological studies and NEPA documentation SEC development/implementation of security systems
FIRE fire protection engineering SOFT software engineering
GEOT geotechnical investigations/exploration services STRC structural engineering
HAZ hazardous materials investigation SURV ground surveying
HIST historic and architectural evaluations TEST materials/equipment testing
HYD hydraulics TRAF traffic research/engineering
INSP pre-construction inspection of structural integrity UTIL utility engineering
ITS design and implementation of intelligent transportation systems WET wetlands delineation and functional analyses for NEPA documentation
LAND landscape design    
Project: Bedford-Merrimack 16100
Conversion to ORT at the Bedford Toll Plaza
Final Design Services
Posting Date: January 9, 2015
Scope of Work: Final design and construction support services contract for the conversion of the existing Bedford conventional toll facility to an Open Road Tolling (ORT) facility. Final design is expected to include the development of contract plans and documents for the plaza widening, turnpike widening on approaches and retrofit of the center of the existing plaza for the ORT lanes and gantry. Additionally, turnpike signage evaluation and design, utility coordination, drainage design, stormwater treatment and management, constructability and traffic management considerations will be necessary. Additionally, an environmental study and support for environmental permitting will be needed in support of the project.

The minor widening required for the project is envisioned to extend approximately 2,500 feet north and 4,000 feet south of the toll plaza. A conceptual design and estimate has been developed by the Department and can be provided for reference upon request. A single construction contract is envisioned with a targeted advertising date in September 2016.
This work will require Professional Engineer licensure in the State of New Hampshire.
Past experience with similar type of work, ability to meet an aggressive design schedule, and firm’s qualifications are of utmost importance. Contract is anticipated to be cost plus fixed fee or lump sum format and have duration of 18 months.

For more information contact David Smith, Asst. Administrator-Bureau of Turnpikes at 603-485-3806.

Closing Date: Interested firms must submit a Letter of Interest (limited to two (2) pages) with a third page containing contact information for 3 to 4 current references, on or before Tuesday, February 3, 2015 to William Oldenburg, PE, Assistant Director of Project Development, Chairperson, Consultant Selection Committee, NH Department of Transportation, PO Box 483, 7 Hazen Drive, Concord, NH 03302-0483.
Services Required: RDWY, ENV, TRAF, UTIL, STRC
Transparency Disclosure: Any information submitted in response to a Request For Proposal (RFP) may be subject to public disclosure under RSA 91-A. In addition, in accordance with RSA 9-F:1, any contract entered into as a result of a RFP will be made accessible to the public online via the website Transparent NH (





Do you have a question or comment regarding this information or the Consultant selection process?
Contact William J. Oldenburg, P.E., Assistant Director of Project Development, Chairperson, Consultant Selection Committee at (603) 271-1486.


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