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Capital Program

The NH Bureau of Turnpikes has established a priority Capital Program for the 2008-2018 period to address red list bridges and improve safety and congestion on the Turnpikes System. Below is a list of the projects.

Rochester 10620G thru L Spaulding Turnpike Expansion - Exits 11 - 16  
Newington-Dover 11238 Spaulding Turnpike Expansion - LBB & Exit 3 thru Exit 6**  
Portsmouth 15760 I-95 Sound wall  
Hampton Falls-Hampton 13408B I-95 Bridge Replacement over Taylor River  
Hampton-North Hampton 15678A thru D Open Road Tolling (ORT) - mainline toll  
Seabrook 15769 NH 107 Bridge Widening over I-95  
Merrimack 12105 FEET Bridge Rehabilitation over Souhegan River  
Bow-Concord 13742A thru C I-93 Bridge Redecking (4 Bridges)  
Manchester 14966 I-293 Exit 4 Bridge Rehabilitation (5 Millyard Bridges)  
Bedford 13527 US 3 Bridge Replacement over FEET  
Hooksett 15803 Open Road Tolling (ORT) - mainline toll  
Bedford Open Road Tolling (ORT) - mainline toll  

Below is the monthly status report for the Program.

Status Report for September 2015

Replacement & Renewal (R&R) Program

The NH Bureau of Turnpikes will construct the following R&R projects in the 2014 construction season.

Project Project Number Description
Portsmouth 23782 Spaulding Tpk: replace median box bean with concrete barriers and w-beam guardrail
Nashua-Bedford-Manchester 23783 Central Tpk resurfacing
Dover-Rochester-Portsmouth-Hampton 23784 Eastern Tpk resurfacing
Seabrook-Portsmouth 23785 I-95 guardrail replacement
Statewide Durable Markings 27854 I-95 Seabrook to Portsmouth and I-93 Hooksett to Bow
Nashua 28873 FEET sound wall rehabilitation
Central Corridor Drainage 23786 FEET, I-93, I-293 - Drainage rehabilitation
North Hampton 15848 NH 111 Over 1-95 Bridge deck rehabilitation

Below is the status report for the Renewal and Replacement (R&R) Program.

R&R Status Report for January 2015

Completed Projects

The NH Bureau of Turnpikes has completed the following Capital Program Projects.

Project Project Number


Rochester 10620 G thru L Exit 11 through Exit 16 - Reconstruction along Spaulding Tpk
Hampton-N. Hampton 15678 thru D Implementation of open road tolling at Hampton Toll Plaza along I-95.
Merrimack 12105 F.E. Everett Tpk bridge rehabilitation over the Souhegan River
Concord 13742C I-93 Bridge Deck Replacement over NH9/Loudon Road
Bedford 13527 US 3 Bridge replacement over F.E. Everett Tpk.
Portsmouth 15760 I-95 Sound wall adjacent to Atlantic Heights


New Little Bay Bridge
Hooksett 15803 Open Road Tolling at Hooksett Plaza
Seabrook 15769 NH107 Road and Bridge Widening

The NH Bureau of Turnpikes has completed the following R&R Program Projects in the 2013 calendar year.

Project Project Number Description
Greenland 16267 Greenland, Bridge rehabilitation Ocean Road over I-95 Bridge
Central Tpk Resurfacing 16446 Resurfacing of I-93 in Concord, Bow and Hooksett
Bedford 16447 Median concrete barrier placement along I-293
Dover 16448 Resurfacing of Spaulding Tpk.
Dover-Rochester-Milton 16294 Culvert rehabilitation along Spaulding Tpk.



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