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Capital Program

The NH Bureau of Turnpikes has established a priority Capital Program for the 2008-2018 period to address red list bridges and improve safety and congestion on the Turnpikes System. Below is a list of the projects.

Rochester 10620G thru L Spaulding Turnpike Expansion - Exits 11 - 16  
Newington-Dover 11238 Spaulding Turnpike Expansion - LBB & Exit 3 thru Exit 6**  
Portsmouth 15760 I-95 Sound wall  
Hampton Falls-Hampton 13408B I-95 Bridge Replacement over Taylor River  
Hampton-North Hampton 15678A thru D Open Road Tolling (ORT) - mainline toll  
Seabrook 15769 NH 107 Bridge Widening over I-95  
Merrimack 12105 FEET Bridge Rehabilitation over Souhegan River  
Bow-Concord 13742A thru C I-93 Bridge Redecking (4 Bridges)  
Manchester 14966 I-293 Exit 4 Bridge Rehabilitation (5 Millyard Bridges)  
Bedford 13527 US 3 Bridge Replacement over FEET  
Hooksett 15803 Open Road Tolling (ORT) - mainline toll  
Bedford Open Road Tolling (ORT) - mainline toll  

Below is the monthly status report for the Program.

Status Report for June 2014

Replacement & Renewal (R&R) Program

The NH Bureau of Turnpikes will construct the following R&R projects in the 2014 construction season.

Project Project Number Description
Portsmouth 23782 Spaulding Tpk: replace median box bean with concrete barriers and w-beam guardrail
Nashua-Bedford-Manchester 23783 Central Tpk resurfacing
Dover-Rochester-Portsmouth-Hampton 23784 Eastern Tpk resurfacing
Seabrook-Portsmouth 23785 I-95 guardrail replacement
Statewide Durable Markings 27854 I-95 Seabrook to Portsmouth and I-93 Hooksett to Bow
Nashua 28873 FEET sound wall rehabilitation
Central Corridor Drainage 23786 FEET, I-93, I-293 - Drainage rehabilitation
North Hampton 15848 NH 111 Over 1-95 Bridge deck rehabilitation

Below is the status report for the Renewal and Replacement (R&R) Program.

R&R Status Report for January 2013

Completed Projects

The NH Bureau of Turnpikes has completed the following Capital Program Projects.

Project Project Number


Rochester 10620 G thru L Exit 11 through Exit 16 - Reconstruction along Spaulding Tpk
Hampton-N. Hampton 15678 thru D Implementation of open road tolling at Hampton Toll Plaza along I-95.
Merrimack 12105 F.E. Everett Tpk bridge rehabilitation over the Souhegan River
Concord 13742C I-93 Bridge Deck Replacement over NH9/Loudon Road
Bedford 13527 US 3 Bridge replacement over F.E. Everett Tpk.
Portsmouth 15760 I-95 Sound wall adjacent to Atlantic Heights


New Little Bay Bridge
Hooksett 15803 Open Road Tolling at Hooksett Plaza

The NH Bureau of Turnpikes has completed the following R&R Program Projects in the 2013 calendar year.

Project Project Number Description
Greenland 16267 Greenland, Bridge rehabilitation Ocean Road over I-95 Bridge
Central Tpk Resurfacing 16446 Resurfacing of I-93 in Concord, Bow and Hooksett
Bedford 16447 Median concrete barrier placement along I-293
Dover 16448 Resurfacing of Spaulding Tpk.
Dover-Rochester-Milton 16294 Culvert rehabilitation along Spaulding Tpk.



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