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ROW Summary Sheet

  1. From Microsoft Explorer, create a ROW subfolder in the Cut Sheet folder if one doesn't already exist.
  2. Open MicroStation.  Create a new drawing in the ROW subfolder called ROWSUM.dgn with the appropriate seed file.
  3. Set zlock to "0".
  4. Open cell library, attach borders.cel.
  5. Select ROWSM (ROW SUMMARY I M) at a scale of 1.0 and place.
  6. Select RSMTXT at a scale of 1.0 and place (snap to end of the line it is to appear above). 
  7. Import the border filters into the drawing. If you need help with this step, see the documentation on Filters.
  8. Open Level Display, highlight prjctRSx.dgn.
    • Select the view number of the window where the cut sheet is located.
    • Change the Level/Filter toggle to Filter.
    • Highlight the filter of choice - in this case - Row Sum:Hwy
      Note:  If the desired information doesn't show up on your cut sheet, unhighlight and highlight again the filter (there seems to be a glitch somewhere).
      Also Note:  If any additional elements were added to this drawing, their level will have to be turned on (due to turning all levels off during this process).
    • Change the Levels/Filters toggle back to Levels.

    Click for  Filter Designations.

  9. Save Settings and  Save the dgn.
  10. Edit ROWTXT appropriately using Edit Text (word processor mode).  The variables in the ROWSM cell (anything with a "$" in the text) will plot accurately using the NHDOT pen table that "reads" the project's .pcf file.  To view these variables correctly, zoom into the area, open the Plot dialog box and select Preview.
  11. Place and edit ROWTXT as many times as needed.

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