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Right-of-way summaries are generated from Excel spreadsheets that are linked to the MicroStation drawing.

There are three tables in this file:

ACQUISITION Stores all data about the property owners on the project
PROPERTY OWNER Used for the property layout sheet
SHEET 1 A template for the right-of-way summaries on each individual drawing

Procedure In Excel 

Copy the Excel seed file from one of these locations

  • Metric: N:\cadd\cadd\v8workspace\standards\seed\row_tables_m.xls
  • Imperial: N:\cadd\cadd\v8workspace\standards\seed\row_tables_f.xls

into your project directory. Rename the file so it begins with the project number(i.e.12345row_tables_ft.xls).

Edit the ACQUISITION sheet to add parcel data including all take and easement information. Parcel numbers on this table can be modified. If new rows are added be aware that some columns contain formulas that will need to be copied from other rows.

Edit the parcel number column of the PROPERTY OWNER sheet.  All other data should be retrieved from the ACQUISITION sheet as you modify the parcel numbers.

Excel Move or Copy ShortcutCopy the "Sheet 1" table for each drawing that will have parcel data. Copy the table by right-clicking on the sheet label and select "Move or Copy Sheet..." from the popup menu. Highlight "(move to end)" to make the new sheet the last sheet.  Make sure the "Create a copy" box is checked.

Label each new sheet appropriately. Edit the parcel number column of each sheet.  The remaining data will be retrieved from the Acquisition table.

Putting the Main Summary Sheet Into MicroStation In MicroStation it is necessary to create the links in a dgn dedicated to that purpose and then reference the EXL dgn to the individual cut sheet drawings. 

  • Open the project file #####EXL.DGN or create it if it doesn't already exist.
  • Select the "ACQUISITION" spreadsheet.
  • In the EXL dgn file select Paste Special... from the Edit menu.
    Note that in MicroStation/J there is a limit to the amount of information that can be pasted. It may be necessary to copy & paste a number of smaller size sections.
  • Select the location for the summary sheet.
  • To simplify the process of referencing the EXL dgn to the cut sheets, a saved view should be created. 
    • Draw an area around the summary sheet.
    • Save the view by using the Saved Views command on the Utilities menu. Give the view a name and description then save it.
  • Open the ROW Summary Sheet drawing (#####rsm.dgn).
  • Open the reference file dialog (File -> Reference).
  • Attach the EXL dgn. Be sure to change the Attachment Mode to Saved View and select the correct view.
  • Copy the border cell CUTSH onto the drawing and scale it to the project scale (500, 250, 600, or 240).
  • Use the Scale command in the reference file panel to adjust the referenced Excel sheet to fit within the border.

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