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Transferring MX Plan Data To MicroStation v8

MX data is transferred to MicroStation with the MX for MicroStation (MfM) program.  MfM allows the operator to work with both MicroStation and MX simultaneously.  Before starting MfM make sure that the DPW file only contains the information to be transferred to MicroStation.

If this is the first time an MX drawing will be transferred in this project, then check the project directory for a file with the project name followed by a .mss extension.  If this file does not exist, see a member of the CAD/D support staff before continuing this procedure.  If it does exist, open the file with PFE or Notepad to verify it is correct.  It should look something like this:

MX Seed Files
Imperial Version Metric Version

Any references to mx_seed_m.dgn or mx_seed_ft.dgn will need to be corrected.

Setting the Model Defaults

Before creating the MX display, check to make sure the proper style and feature sets are defined for the model to be drawn.  Select Model Defaults... from the Tools menu.

Model Defaults panel

From the Model Defaults panel, highlight the model of interest from the Model Names area.  The appropriate style and feature sets for the most common plan drawing types are as follows:


MX Style Sets
Drawing Type Style & Feature Set
Existing Detail EXD
Contours CTR8
Proposed Detail PLY8
"Others" Style Sets

If necessary, click the Edit... button to modify the model defaults. Style and Feature Set panel

From the Edit Model Style and Feature Set panel, insure that the box labeled Lock Style and Feature Set is checked.  Select the 3 dot button button next to the Style Set Name to choose a different Style Set.  The feature set should automatically update.  Click OK to save this information.

Creating the MX Display

Create a new display by selecting New Plan Display... from the File menu.  Enter the new Drawing File Name and click OK.  Refer to Drawing Naming Conventions for standard drawing file names.

style set dialogTo draw the detail select Plan with Style Set... from the Display menu.

Select the model name to display from the pull-down menu.

The existing detail's style set should default to N:\cadd\cadd\mx\styles\exd.pss  (design - PLY8.pss).

Uncheck the Draw all Strings box so only items in the feature set are drawn.


Creating MicroStation Drawings from MX:

Rename or delete any previously created .DGN file that has the same name as MX drawing to transfer.  Enter MicroStation, select the appropriate project and create a new MicroStation drawing with the same name as the MX drawing being transferred.

To start MfM, hit the F3 function key (NHDOT users), or load two MDL Applications ( &  If you are not a regular MX in MicroStation user, please read this caution statement.  Expect to be prompted to save and/or compress the drawing, possibly more than once.  It may also be necessary to Fit View.  If no graphics appear, see the information in the MX FAQ.

After the drawing is imported, levels need to be attached from the appropriate level library.  From the Level Manager dialog box, select Levels -> Attach... to obtain the Attach Level Library panel.  Choose the level library (*.csv) that matches the newly created drawing.

Level Manager window

Next, click on the Update Levels button (the rightmost of the 3 buttons), this will set the correct default values for each level in the drawing.

Once this process is complete, Exit MicroStation.

When transferring 20-scale Imperial and 1:250 metric projects, the modEXDUpdate.Main macro must be run to adjust linestyle scales and cell sizes.  Do not attempt to run this macro in the same MicroStation session that created the drawing, it will not work properly.  Enter MicroStation, then from the Utilities menu, select  Macro => Macros… => modEXDUpdate.Main.

For best results, each drawing should be transferred as a separate MicroStation session.  After each drawing is created,
  • exit the MicroStation session;
  • open MX;
  • display the next dpw to be transferred;
  • adjust the model defaults for the new style set;
  • enter MicroStation;
  • start MX

What if:

I received a prompt for selecting seed files and cell files.
I received error messages about cells not being found
My linestyles or symbols in MicroStation are too big/small
Items are not landing on the correct levels in MicroStation

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