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PFE Association 

To Fix PFE Associations (as of 5/18/05):

This corrects a problem with the registry entry for PFE that causes an error when a user double clicks on a text file expecting it to open with PFE. They receive a message that the program Program is not found. This is because of the space in the "Program Files" directory path. A change must be made to the computers registry to fix it.


 File path: My Computer>HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT>applications>PFE32.EXE>shell>open>command
            (or search for pfe - second hit - usually)

Add quotes to modify: C:\Program Files\pfe\pfe32.exe "%1"    to
"C:\Program Files\pfe\pfe32.exe" "%1"

Other issues:     .drw file extensions - go into PFE - under preferences add drw to list
                         then reassociate drw files by right clicking on  a drw file and under
                         Properties - reassociate pfe!

OR (if that doesn't work)

 May have to "repoint" the "extension" by right clicking on one of the files with the extension then under Properties>Change>Other  - then point to c:/Program Files/pfe/pfe32.exe

 if that doesn't work....

 Clear out the list of extensions in PFE under Options>Preferences and see if that does the trick....

Note:  Outdated documentation (updated above as of 5/18/05 per Dennis Herrick):


 Modify:            C:\Program Files\mfw\pfe\pfe32.exe "%1"    to
            "C:\Program Files\mfw\pfe\pfe32.exe" "%1"

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