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Roadway Designer Create Surface & Sections

Create a new plan display and display a model in it to set the scale or delete out all meshes and delete any previously created/displayed design model out of your current display.  The design model itself should also be deleted.

When creating Cross sections the previous sections should also be deleted.  A simple input file can be created to do this.  If creating models from an input file ensure the defmods.txt is set to correctly assign model defaults.  (ie Follow Naming Conventions) 

Creating the Design Surface & Cross Sections

Found under Corridor > Create Surface...


Fill out as shown, highlight corridors and set clipping options if working with multiple corridors.

Click Apply. 











When the section model is created the model defaults will be set to Roadway Designer section components.pss and .fns.  The pss allows for the selection of the Design surface feature and the Triangles surface feature to be set as Design and Existing ground.  It also sets the cross section set labels for all the created components.  It uses the pss from your C drive so make sure you have copied the pss from the N drive to your C. (this should have been done as part of the installation)
















To display the additional components the cross section draw file needs to have additional 826's.  Copy and edit the draw file N:\CADD\Misc Accounts\User\XS-MS-MC1M.drw to use your models and strings.



















For final sections you should also follow the directions for cutting additional sections from  http://dotweb/cadd/mx_v8eye/create_sections.htm Do not re-cut the Design and Existing ground sections as you just created these with roadway designer.  When sectioning you need to make sure the reference and section models are the same as used by roadway designer so the sections will be in the proper sequence. 




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