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MX v8i RoadwayDesigner

Roadway Designer Main Panel

The general MX workflow for Roadway Designer includes scheme management, corridor creation, template application, superelevation through to creating the resulting MX surface models, cross sections and drawing components.

Templates - T-2-12-4-4

The NHDOT-TEMPLATES.itl file contains several templates.  The T-2-12-4-4 has been developed to cover most uncurbed situations and is easily modifiable using the defined Parametric Constraints.

View of Roadway Template showing point namesView of Roadway Template showing point names







Controlling the Design - Parametric Constraints

Use this dialog to set up constraint value overrides for specified station ranges.  Just about every defined aspect of the template can be controlled using constraints: material depths, feature widths, and slopes.  From shoulder widening, turn lane tapers (as shown), shoulder break widening for guardrail to modifying slopes all are controlled with Parametric Constraints.

Parametric Constraints panel

Controlling the Design - Superelevation

Superelevation is used to control the cross slope of roadways in areas of horizontal curves and spirals. In the Roadway Designer command, superelevation control lines can be created and then used as vertical point controls to control the elevation of a point relative to another point in the cross section.

Roadway Designer Superelevation Display Mode

Displaying the Design - Create Surface and Sections

Using the Create Surface command, allows creation of a unified merged triangulated surface for all corridors in a design, or separate surfaces for each corridor. Additionally components, MX plan feature strings and MX Sections are created off this option.Create Surface Panel


Viewed RWD Surface









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Additional insight and explanation can be found in the help files by hitting HELP on the Roadway Designer panel and by going to Start>Bentley>MX V8i>Help and Tutorials    Expand MXROAD>Tutorials>Roasway Designer MX

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