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Creating MX Profiles v8i

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Complex Sections

Sample Driveway Input

Profile Surface Details

From the Analysis Menu, select Sections => Create Profiles...

Reference String Details panel

From the Reference String Details panel, supply the Reference Model and the Reference String.  Click the Green Check to advance to the Profile Surface Details panel.

Profile Surface Details panel

The Reference String defines the initial surface for profiling.  Click the Additional Surface button Additional Surfaces button to add more surfaces (profiles).  This selection summons the Display Associated String panel.

Display Associated String panel

From the Display Associated String area, specify the Model Name and String Name of the associated string.  Repeat for each string that you wish to display.

Notice the Surfaces region of the Profile Surface Details panel reports all surfaces that you have specified.

Surfaces box

Working Drawings

From the Profile Surface Details panel click the Working Drawings button Working Drawings button to advance to the Long Sections: Working Drawings panel.  For more details refer to MX Profile Drawings.

Working Drawings panel

Of the seven tabs on this panel, the Section Details tab is always presented first.  Every surface defined on the Profile Surface Details panel is listed as a Section Description.  All the features associated with each Section Description are offered below on the Section Details tab and each Section Description has it's own set of features.  Highlight each Section Description to set it's available choice of features.

Select the Scales and Range tab to define the Horizontal and Vertical scales.  Review other tabs for any additional features of interest.

The Apply button draws a profile and keeps the Long Sections: Working Drawings panel for further adjustments to the profile.  The drawing name is derived from the original working drawing name plus long section_dr_001.dgn.  Note that the 001 does not increment for subsequent drawings.  Therefore it is recommended to change the drawing name before subsequent profiles overwrite this drawing.

The OK button draws a profile and closes the Long Sections: Working Drawings panel.  At this point MX offers the option to go back to the original working display.  Either choice leads to the Rename Temporary Model panel.  Select Delete Model and then click the Finish button.


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