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MXRenew v8i


  • Proposed roadway edge. Shoulders should be done after the adjustments are made.
  • Existing EP or TW strings that are continuous over the area being designed.  Recommend using the MX Join Strings Wizard.

MXRenew Project Control panel

Select "Define Surfaces Wizard". Identify the alignment and edge strings. This should be done before the shoulders are designed. Any design strings between the master alignment and left/right strings will be adjusted to match the slope developed by MXRenew.

Design and Base Reference Datails panel

The Existing Surface Model is usually a triangulation model. The "Model Containing Existing Edge Strings" will typically be the Topo model.

Existing Surface Details panel

Select "Cross-Slope Tol." to define limits of how far from design template MX can adjust the roadway strings. Specify the station and maximum percent slope deviation allowed at that station. The specified maximum will be applied to successive stations. MX will use these values to create a design that is as close to the existing ground as possible while staying within the tolerances specified.

Cross Slope Tolerances panel

Select "Parametric Fitting". A panel showing the profile, sections, ands design at each station will appear. Moving the mouse along the profile will change the section displayed in the upper right panel. Adjustments to the design will be shown in the upper left panel.

Parametric Fitting panel


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