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Steep Slopes Surface Analysis (v8i)

Found within Surface Analysis, Mx provides a tool to identify steep slopes for a surface model.

Steep Slopes panel

On the Steep Slopes panel, specify a Minimum Slope Value and a highlight Color.  Working off a triangulation of the Surface Model, all triangles having a slope greater than the threshold slope will be highlighted in the specified Color.  Select Next to view the results on the MX DisplayNext also advances you to the Surface Analysis Review panel.

Surface Analysis Review panel

At the bottom of the Surface Analysis Review panel are check boxes to Delete Analysis from the Display, and to Compress Model and Drawing Files.  Click <Back to return to the Steep Slopes panel, click Next> to return to Surface Analysis, or click Finish to end.

Rename Temporary Model panel

If a string model was used for this Surface Analysys, then you will be prompted to either Delete or Rename the temporary triangle model generated for this analysis.  Choose Delete and then click OK to end Surface Analysis.

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The Surface Analysis panel is the entry to 10 surface analysis options:

  1. Contours
  2. Elevation Bands
  3. Slope Bands
  4. Aspect Bands
  5. Flat Spots
  6. Steep Slopes
  7. Flow Arrows
  8. Simple Profile
  9. Display Triangulation  (Refer to MX Triangulation for triangle model generation)
  10. Catchment Areas

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