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Creating a New MX Project (v8i)


Before starting work on the project a directory must be created on the N:\ drive to store the data.  Requests for new projects should go through Bill Caswell or Jerry Gall.

Creating the Project

  • Start MX in Windows.  
  • Select "New Project" from the splash screen.  
  • Select the project units (US_Imperial  or US_metric). 
  • Browse to the project directory .
  • Enter the new project name in the format name number such as Grafton 12803
  • Check the "Edit project settings" checkbox. 
  • The next prompt will be for the naming convention.  Select YES to use the standard naming convention.
  • When the project settings panel appears, select the "System Parameters" tab and set the default drawing scale.
  • If a model file already exists.  DO NOT overwrite the model file.  Select NO on the warning message.

Imperial Project Default Settings

Note: By default, MX projects are created Imperial.  If you have a metric project you need to edit the project settings. This can be done by selecting the "Edit project settings" checkbox on the project selection panel (before the project is opened). Then select the "Project Files" tab.  In the "Directories" section, make the necessary changes:

If a model file already exists and MX asks if it should be overwritten, Answer NO.


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