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MX FAQ v8i

This section of the documentation is created from user questions and problems.  It should be consulted before calling with a problem. 

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MicroStation (v8) FAQ

MX to MicroStation FAQ

How does one recover MX from a crash or lock up?

  1. Enter Task Manager.
  2. From the Applications tab, end all MX and MOSS related tasks.
  3. From the Processes tab, end the mosseng.exe process if it exists.
  4. Close Task Manager.
  5. With a Windows Explorer, navigate to your project folder. Delete the model.loc file if it exists.
  6. MX should operate fine at this point if there are no Model or Drawing file corruptions.

How does one identify and address a corrupt drawing file (DPW/DPF)?

  1. Open a different drawing file (DPW/DPF).  If operation returns to normal, then the original drawing file was corrupt.
  2. Exit MX.
  3. With a Windows Explorer, navigate to your project folder.  Delete the corrupt drawing file (DPW/DPF) and it's associated DGN file.
  4. Return to MX and recreate the drawing as necessary.

My MX dialog is not displaying.

If the dialog area is missing, use ShiftF2 to toggle it back on.
If it is on and not showing anything, make sure the dialog is not being sent to an output file.
If there is still nothing, close the project (File -> Close Project) and use the Shift F2 key to turn off the dialog area.  Reopen the project by picking it off the File menu's recent projects list.

It appears that I have a corrupt modelfile.  What can I do?

First, try creating a junk model and immediately delete it.

Then check for model pointer errors. 


Delete the bad model if one is reported or check for string pointers in the bad model and delete the bad strings in that model.

If problems persist, then delete the .DPF's, and run this procedure over.

While doing an intersection design, my curb returns went the wrong way.  Why?

The usual cause of this problem is based on MX's naming convention. Strings left of the master alignment have a fourth character using the numbers 0-9 and letters A-H.  Strings on the right have a fourth character using the letters I-Z. Most problems occur when a string on the left has a fourth character using the letter O instead of the number 0.

I want to use SuperSpy to check my template but it is not on my Add Ins menu.

If SuperSpy is not available on your Add-In menu then select "Add-in manager..." from the Add-Ins menu then select "Add..." on the next panel.  On the add item panel select the Browser button and browse to the c:\program files\mfw\bonus\ directory. Select SuperSpy.exe and close out of the panels.  

How do I create a mask table for cutting cross-sections?

If a mask file defining the strings you want to cut does not exist you can create one by choosing "Selection Mask Tables" from the Tools menu. At this point you can create a new file by hitting the "New" button to clear any strings that are already entered. Then enter a string label or partial label and choose to include or exclude this string. Repeat as many times as necessary. After building the table, hit the "Save" or "Save As" button to save the table for future use. For more details see String Masking

I have specified a sheet size of 1000 in my draw macro but the plot is not that long.  

When an MX project is created a number of settings are taken from a parameter file stored on the user's C: drive.  These files should all be updated to include the longer sheet size but occasionally one slips by.  If this is occurring the MX parameter file needs to be updated and the project MMD file needs to be recreated.  See one of the applications engineers for assistance.

I was using a draw macro and my text is far from the detail it is annotating.

Typically, this means that your project is not using the correct copy of the macro.  Either you have a metric project and got the Imperial macro or vice versa.

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