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MX Export to LandXML v8i

LandXML was established  to exchange design data utilizing a non-proprietary data standard.  Learn more about LandXML at

At this time, there are still limitations when transferring large amounts of data.  Only export essential data.

Special considerations when transferring data from MX to InRoads.  Be aware that InRoads does not comprehend null elevations.  Adjust your models for transfer accordingly.

  1. Enter MX.
  2. Select File => Export => LandXML...

  LandXML Export panel

  1. From the model list on the left side of the LandXML panel, select the model(s) to export by checking the box to the left of the model name.
  2. The right side of this panel allows one to provide additional information to accompany the export data.  This information might be useful to the reader of this file.
  3. Select an XML Output File name and location.
  4. Select Export to XML to begin the export.  An XML Export Summary panel will display a summary of translation details.

                                           LandXML Export Summary panel

  1. Select OK to finish the export.

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