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MX File Extensions (v8i)

.aplMX Automatic Page Layout
.cfsMX Fill Style
.cklMX Superelevation: Application Length Check
.clsMX Line Style
.crdMX Output File
.cs1MX Cross Section Style Set
.cs2MX Cross Section Style Set Component
.csuMX Cross Section Set Up
.ctsMX Text Style
.datMX Data File
.dcfMX Design Checker File
.dpfMX Draw Picture File
.dpwMX Working Display
.drwMX Drawing Input File
.filMX Binary File
.fnsMX Feature Set
.guiMX Default Parameters
.hipMX Quick Horizontal Data File
.iniMX Configuration Settings
.inpMX Input File
.jouMX Journal File
.locMX Lock File
.ls1MX Long Section Style Set
.ls2MX Long Section Style Set Component
.lsuMX Long Section Settings
.lslMX Profile Style
.lvlMX to MS Level Structure File
.mblAutoMOSS Model Table
.mcmMX Command Macro
.mifMX Information File
.mmdMX Master Document
.mmlMX MacroLine
.mmsMX MacroSymbol
.mskMX Mask
.mssMX in MicroStation Data File
.ntlMX Superelevation: No Transition Application Length
.pdsMX Drainage Style Set
.pllMX Long Section Page Layout
.plpMX Plan Page Layout
.plxMX Cross Section Page Layout
.prmMX Default Parameters
.prnMX Default Output File
.pssMX Plan Style Set
.psuMX Page Set Up
.ptsMX Triangulation Style Set
.qdcMX QD Carriageway File
.qdsMX QD Shoulder File
.selMX Superelevation: Superelevation Value
.sglMX Superelevation: Special Geom. Application Length
.srlMX Superelevation Rule File
.styMX Earthworks Style
.supMX Raster Supplementary File
.svfMX Saved View File
.tboAutoMOSS String Table
.tblAutoMOSS Layer Table
.tisMX Traffic Island
.trlMX Superelevation: Transition Application Lengths
.trnMX Copy Transformations File
.+guiMX Default Parameters
.+prmMX Default Parameters
.viewMX Drive Through View
.vindMX Drive Through Index
.vipMX Quick Vertical Data File
.vstnMX Drive Through Chainages

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