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Attaching Existing Elevations to Master Alignment Strings v8i

Proposed Alignments often require that portions be assigned existing elevations, usually at the project matches.  Prior to generating the proposed vertical design using Major Option Verat, it is recommended to attach existing elevations to the entire master alignment string first.

If Quick Vertical is used for the proposed vertical design, beware that any points on the alignment beyond the vertical design are automatically assigned null elevations.  Ultimately, an alignment should never contain null elevations.  Therefore, existing elevations must be attached after the proposed vertical design work.

Similar to other MX processes, there is more than one way to elevate this string.

In MX, from the Analysis menu, select Sections > Create Profiles... to obtain the Reference String Details panel.

                          Reference String Details panel

By default you are given the Profile String panel.  Along the top of this panel there are buttons for Profile Between 2 Points, Drainage Design Profile, Open Settings and Next.  From the Profile String panel, specify the Reference Model and Reference String.  Check Restrict Length when addressing a partial length of the Reference String.

Select Next to advance to the Profile Surface Details panel. 

                  Profile Surface Details panel

From the Profile Surface Details panel, select the Additional Surface Additional Surfaces button button to obtain the Display Associated String panel.

       Display Associated String panel

Select the Additional Surface Model option located at the top of this panel.  Specify the Model to Section, preferably the ground triangle model since it should have been generated using the appropriate mask table.  Check the Apply Levels to Reference String box.  Click OK to return to the Profile Surface Details panel.

The MX Display should now show a second view window displaying the new profile of the reference string.  MX has also created an existing ground string residing in a temporary model, usually labeled LZ01.  If you do not wish to save this string, then select Cancel or Close to exit the Profile Surface Details panel.  Otherwise this string can be saved by clicking OK from the Profile Surface Details panel and then either choose Rename Model or Copy strings to Existing Model as desired.

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