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Importing GPS Data Into MX v8i

GPS data received in an ASCII file format can be imported into MX by using the MX Data Import add-in.  This program will read the file data and create one or more point strings from the information.

From the Add-In menu select Personal Add-Ins then MX Data Import.  If MX Data Import is not available, then it will need to be installed.

Installing an add-in

  • From MX's Add-Ins menu, select Personal Add-Ins, then Add-In Manager...  
  • Click the Add... button on the next panel.
  • Click the Browser button button at the end of the line labeled .EXE File Name
  • Browse to the N:\cadd\cadd\mx v8i\add-ins directory
  • Select the desired program and Open
  • Click the OK button and Close the Add-In Manager
  • The program will now be available on your Personal Add-Ins menu

Import Text File Data

Click OK on the disclaimer box and the panel below will be displayed.

Import Text File Data panel

  • Click the Open Data File button to select the text file containing the data to be imported.  After the file is selected, the data it contains will be displayed in the scroll area of this panel.  Select the type of delimiter used in the file, the default delimiter is Comma
  • Scroll through the header section of the file to the data items while counting the number of lines to the beginning of the data.  Enter this value in the space provided.
  • Select the Number of Data items in each Row from the pull-down menu.
  • Click the Verify Data button.
  • If the data is displayed correctly, click the Next> button.  Note that the column headings can be modified if necessary.

    GPS Import Data panel

  • Enter the New MX Model Name to store the import data.
  • At this point you can elect to have MX create a single point string containing all the data or have multiple strings create at a specific interval.
  • Select OK to begin processing.

The program will create a GENIO format file and provide the option to import the data.  The model created can then be triangulated and contoured to display the ground data.

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