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Summary of Design Visualization

Model Setup

The initial process for the creation of a road visualization is to have a suitable survey model, triangle model and design model. For the demonstration of the process in these documents the models below are used as examples.  All drawings should be 3D.

 These models should be associated with the relevant style and feature sets. The style and feature sets can be set by selecting Model Defaults in the Tools menu.

Drawing Creation and Display

Each MX display must be created and then exported to MicroStation as a native drawing where the Visualization will be created.  Use the TRIANGLES model when displaying with a Draped Aerial photo  or use an input file to create TRIA FOR VIS and Group the Triangles to display with materials.  The Design surface created with Roadway Designer will reference the Tria for Vis drawing with a clip mask to display only the information outside the proposed design.

After the drawings have been created and clipped a path needs to be created for the FlyThrough Producer to use to create the drive through.  The Animation Producer can also be used to create a Drive Through but is somewhat more complicated.

A 3D PDF can also be created to display your design.  This can be rotated and viewed by Non-CADD personnel to visually review your design.

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