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Curbs and Sidewalks v8i

Prerequisites and Recommendations

Curbs and Sidewalks are generated from either the Roadway Edge (CE) strings or the Shoulder Edge (ES) strings.  Before curbs and sidewalks can be designed, the roadway superelevation must be applied.

Before starting the wizard, it is advisable to open a journal file to capture the MX commands used to create the curb and sidewalks.  This file (with some editing) can be run to reproduce this portion of the design without having to use this wizard again.

Creating Curbs and Sidewalks

From the MX Menu bar, select:

     Design => Road Design => Kerbs Verges and Footways...

Reference Details panel

From the Reference Details panel, supply the Design Model and the Reference String Name.  The Next button will advance to the Road Profile panel.  

Road Profile panel

From the bottom of the Road Profile panel, insure the Path is set to "Public Styles".

Select a curb strategy by clicking on one of the displayed templates.  A curb strategy may also be selected from one of the available Descriptions, or one of the available File Names found on the bottom of this panel.

The "NH" templates have been created to design manual standards.  These templates are intended to be used with Roadway Edge (CE) strings.  The "ES" versions are intended to be used with Shoulder Edge (ES) strings.  These templates have been designed to eliminate coincident strings at the pavement edges.  Besides having less design strings to manage, future edits made with the Cross Sectional Editor will be less painful.

If curbs are to be generated from shoulder strings, then be sure that the shoulders adhere to the curbed shoulder standard, refer to Shoulder Design in MX-Curbed for the design of shoulders in curbed regions.

Specify which Side of road is to receive this curb application.  The Next button will advance to the Edge Strings panel.  

Edge Strings panel

Specify the edge(s) of pavement from which the curbs are to be generated from.  MX will seed the design's Roadway Edge (CE) strings by default.  The Next button will advance to the Start and End panel.

Start and End panel

Specify the Start and End station (Chainage) of this curb/sidewalk application.  The Next button will generate the strings described in the selected template and advance to the Create Another Length panel.

Create Another Length panel

From this point, one may create another length with a different template, create another length with the same template, or Finish to exit the wizard.

Contact the Cad/d staff for any Curb and Sidewalk template additions or modifications.

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