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This MX Add-in generates an output file of string points from a specified model.  This report is commonly used to provide 3 dimensional string information to non-MX consultants.

The resulting data is formatted with one point per line.  Each line contains the string label, easting, northing and elevation. Output for PSDR strings also includes the survey shot numbers.  Output for PSSA strings also includes the survey traverse stations.

ConRepo is not designed to output triangulation or geometry strings.

From the MX Add-In menu, select Personal Add-Ins => ConRepo.  If the ConRepo Add-In is not available, then refer to MX Add-In Index for directions on installing an MX Add-In.

Disclaimer panel

Before the ConRepo Add-In can start, you are required to accept the NHDOT disclaimer.

Tex Report of Model panel

At the top of the Text report of model panel, select the String Model Name that is to be reported.

Next, click on Select Output File to direct the output to a file and location.

At the bottom of the Text report of model panel is the Output All Strings check box.  If this box is left checked, then all the strings in the selected model (with the possible exception of the PSDR string) will be output.

To exclude the PSDR string, uncheck the Output PSDR check box.  Since the PSDR string is a duplicate of every point in the model, it is recommended to uncheck this box if file size is a concern.  Should the non-MX consultant require the survey shot numbers held by the PSDR string, then leave this box checked. 

If it is desired to further limit the strings that are to be reported, then uncheck the Output All Strings check box.  This will update the Text report of model panel with a list of available strings.  Double-click on a string label to remove it from the list.  Repeat as necessary.  All remaining strings on this list will be output.

Text Report of Model panel

To generate the report, select OK.  Until further notice, avoid the Apply button.

Examples of typical output is as follows:

CBB0    1066991.378    391143.892     517.288
CBB0    1067025.377    391144.169     517.459
CBB0    1067075.375    391144.576     517.712
CBB0    1067125.373    391144.983     517.965

CBBI     1066991.427    391137.892     517.288
CBBI     1067025.425    391138.169     517.459
CBBI     1067075.424    391138.576     517.712
CBBI     1067125.422    391138.983     517.965

IDB0     1066991.186    391167.401     514.628
IDB0     1067025.185    391167.678     514.799
IDB0     1067075.184    391168.085     515.052
IDB0     1067125.182    391168.492     515.305
IDB0     1067175.180    391168.899     515.557
IDB0     1067206.007    391169.150     515.713
IDB0     1067225.603    391169.153     515.810

PSSA     1055424.979    929301.708     507.520    S001
PSSA     1055938.610    928898.870     514.007    S002
PSSA     1055244.308    929118.914     528.581    S003
PSSA     1054794.129    929032.179     560.977    S004
PSSA     1054401.949    929055.724     580.720    S005
PSSA     1054771.442    929063.717     561.024    S006

PSDR    1055515.349    930187.948     531.608    1000
PSDR    1055479.283    930187.334     531.261    1001
PSDR    1055431.659    930186.142     530.802    1002
PSDR    1055382.050    930185.139     530.321    1003
PSDR    1055334.396    930184.611     530.165    1004
PSDR    1055285.372    930185.852     529.811    1005
PSDR    1055237.529    930188.829     529.350    1006
PSDR    1055189.069    930194.583     528.706    1007

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