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MX Catchment Areas (v8i)

Found within Surface Analysis, Mx offers the creation of drainage Catchment Areas.  Use a surface model to generate drainage catchment boundary areas.  Each catchment area is defined by a closed boundary string and includes a catchment identification number, the catchment's surface area, and the catchment's low point.

Catchment Area panel

MX performs numerous computations prior to displaying the Catchment Areas - Results panel.  The table in the Results panel reports every catchment with an area number and it's calculated surface area.  The MX Display is also enhanced with the catchment area boundaries, the catchment area number and the catchment low point (symbolized by two concentric circles), all catchments are color coded for each area.  To view the catchment flow arrows, either click in a catchment area on the MX display or an entry on the Catchment Areas - Results panel.

Use the buttons at the bottom of this panel to either Print or Save to a File a report of these results.

Click Next to advance to the Surface Analysis Review panel.

Surface Analysis Review panel

Uncheck Delete Analysis from the Display to maintain the catchment area graphics on the current MX Display Click Finish to end this analysis, this takes you to the Rename Temporary Model panel.

             Rename Temporary Model panel

Rename the TEMP CATCH BOUNDARIES model for future use.  Delete all temporary triangle models.

In MX, assign the Model defaults.  Lock both the style and feature sets to Catchment.pss and Catchment.fns.

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