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This is a summary of the available cross-section documentation.

Summary of CAD/D Cross-section Procedures v8i

This is a summary of the available cross-section documentation.

Creating the cross-sections

Begin the process by running  XSDetail.  This MX Add-In stores certain detail features in a model that will be cut for cross-sections.  It currently can add poles, trees, and hydrants.  The details are stored as separate cross-section sets in MX and overplotted on a cross-section drawing.  Here is a list of Cross Section Set Labels used for detail sections.

Next, follow the process to cut MX Cross Sections.  This describes the process to create cross-sections in MX. including the procedures for skewed drives and special station sections.  New for v8i, Complex Drive Sections addresses the creation of curved drive sections, plus an alternative for skewed and simple drive sections in MX.

Once all the sections have been cut in MX, they should be drawn so they can be transferred to MicroStation.  This process is described in Transferring MX cross-sections to MicroStation.  That process uses the XS-MS Macro drawing input file.

Working With MicroStation Cross-Sections will explain some additional editing that needs to be done such as adding borders and modifying drainage features. 

If there is a need to replace the cross-sections because of a change to the profile or template, follow the procedure in Updating MicroStation Cross-Sections.

Documentation is also available for Earthwork and Select Material Calculations.

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